Monday, January 11, 2010

For Those Who waited in Line to see "Book of Eli," but never got in

I waited in line with my ex, Toni. Tonight was also the premiere, so traffic on Hollywood Boulevard was nuts.

However, the line stretched down Orange Drive with people waiting (with their approved passes) to see "Book of Eli,"

At the Chinese Theatre, they only had room for the premiere and a little for the public who ordered their passes.

And when the line was shut down, those involved said there will be a screening on Thursday at the Arclight. I came home and there were no passes available. Whisky tango Foxtrot? Whose to blame?

Two companies, contact and call them for your complaints. If you spent time waiting to see a film and didn't see it even though you did everything right. It is because the Event organizers didn't have their shit together, it's not the audiences fault. Who are the Event organizers?

1) Warner Brothers. Contact them here. I've been to Universal, Disney, Sony and MGM screenings. Yet, the studio that treats their audiences like crap is Warner Brothers. Ask around Hollywood -- Warner Brothers is not well loved among those who are not the WB "Elite,"

2) THA. They are in charge of GoFobo website. If you don't get to go to a screening even though you printed up your pass and waited patiently, and still didn't get in, ask them here.

As soon as I see "Book of Eli," I will review it in the Valley.

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