Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Karma, Racism and a Challenge to Ta-Nehisi Coates

When news of Senator Reid's words hit the Blogosphere, my first thought was, "This is karma," As it did for every other Conservative and Republican Blogger and activist.

This was a chance for the Progressives, Liberals and Democrats to show that there is one standard for everyone in Politics. And like NOW during the accusations of Sexual Harassment against a Democratic President, the Congressional Black Caucus and other African American Liberals took a pass. Again.

I had a discussion with my ex, Toni while we were coming back from the wait in Hollywood. She's progressive but open-minded, but she understood where I came from on this issue. And for her, race is a personal issue (We have thrown jokes back on forth on that issue at a dinner at Outback -- I've never laughed so hard, neither has she). What offended her about Reid's comment was the paternalism of it.

When Senator Lott made his comments at Senator Thurmond's birthday, he was forced out. Now Southern Culture should be respected in America as African American culture (there was more to the South then Slavery and the Stars and Bars, you hear me RS?), but among "Right thinking," Liberals, African American culture outweighs Southern culture. I say they both contribute to the Gumbo Pot that is America.

Clifton B., always on point, noted that Senator Reid would never have to pay for his words. He was right. Patterico noted how it was fine for Senator Reid to slander Justice Thomas and no African American Orginization stood up then. And I like Justice Thomas. The hypocrisy of what Democrats can do and the rest of us can do will cost them seats in November.

One of the Lefty Blogs I read is Ta-Nehisi Coates when I want to see the hypocrisy of Liberalism. I read this:

"Leaving aside political cynicism, this entire affair proves that the GOP is not simply still infected with the vestiges of white supremacy and racism, but is neither aware of the infection, nor understands the disease. Listening to Liz Cheney explain why Harry Reid's comments were racist, was like listening to me give lessons on the finer points of the comma splice. This a party, rightly or wrongly, regarded by significant portions of the country as a haven for racists. They aren't simply having a hard time re-branding, they don't actually understand how and why they got the tag,"

And this:

"The cynicism is deplorable, but not surprising. It's the brazen ignorance--the not knowing what you don't know--that amazes. It's embarrassing. In this instance at least, Cheney combines the moxie of a decorated PhD, with the ignorance of a slack-minded amateur whose lost her Cliff Notes,"

And I have a three questions to ask TNC:

Mr. Coates,

Given that you do not know the differing branches within Conservative and Republican Politics [Read the link if you want to learn], given that nothing a Conservative or Republican does is ever good enough to wipe the stain of a forty year old stain ("Southern Strategy,"), and given that Democrats are always given a pass whatever they say or do, here are three questions, please answer them:

1) In certain high Minority, consistently Democratic party areas, the crime to job ratio is high, why do you continue to promote the same Party that created the local problems (i.e. Speaker O'Neill "All Politics is Local,")?

2) After reading about the views of different branches of the Conservatives and Republicans, address how trying to be "Color Blind," is a bad thing? And what Conservatives and republicans can do as Conservatives and Republicans (without saying "Be like Liberals,") to bridge the gap?

3) Why is Anti-semitism and Anti-Isreali rhetoric, as done by Andrew Sullivan, allowed by the Left? Why don't you [TNC] stand up and say "this is wrong,"?

And TNC, if you answer these, send me any questions you want. Who knows, how hard is it to bridge a divide?

And even if TNC does not answer, I would like to hear your answer.

UPDATE: Rather then try to answer the questions above, TNC goes after Social Conservatives. I expected better. Hey, TNC! Not all Republicans and Conservatives are Social Conservatives! Try opening your mind!

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  1. Oh dear. You're trying to educate Coates.

    Good luck with that.


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