Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busy day Today

I had the meeting with Matt Robbins about the Fundraiser/Great Right Wing Blogosphere Hollywood Meet Up. He is onboard.

All I need is the Chairman of the California Republican Party [CRP], Ron Nehring and Bill Christensen, Chief Operating Officer [COO] of the CRP to also sign on, and it's a go. If you want to lobby these gentlemen, please do.

There is also another meeting with Gary Aminoff before final liftoff as well.

Who else is onboard for this event? The Other McCain and the speaker for the fundraiser (name to be released when I start working on the event full time).

And tonight, I "fisk," President Obama's State of the Union address. Fun times ahead.

Oh and today's Campaign "Money bomb" is for Adam Andrzejewski running for Governor of Illinois. Help him out. Lech Walesa is.

While I go run around Los Angeles, enjoy this video:

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