Sunday, May 30, 2010

Doctor Who - Ark in Space

Sorry for dropping off the radar.

There is a lot of news that I have been involved with. I am still looking for Day and dream job, but there are two factors bringing the Dream job closer. But I am on the ground and the 'net, looking for the day job. Now the factors:

1) The lawsuit against the LAGOP is over. Robert Vaughn's group has to pay back Chairwoman Barnett and VP Aminoff's group. (Yay). Hat tip to Robert Stacy McCain for letting the country know.

2) Last week, I also spoke with Mr. Ryan Panzerello, current Political director of the California Republican Party, Hopefully we will meet this week to discuss how to help Los Angeles rise this tidal year.

My sister is in Europe getting culture (Awesome!) -- she will be making a cameo appearance when I bring up the Harvard/Yale choke hold in Government and and its discontents. Hint: She is neither, and smarter then most people who are Ivies. My mentors (Capitol Hill and Los Angeles) are also smarter then those with Ivies. Stay tuned.

Now, a Doctor Who classic for the long weekend (I will be doing my Memorial Day post in the morning); The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) on his first adventure after the regeneration story. It is part of an Arc for a season. Enjoy "The Ark in Space!"

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