Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Best Day Job for JSF

Since I have been out of work for two years, here is what I've been looking for:

A job in sales that is not just commission based, (most jobs I went to at the job fair today were strictly commission only) but has an hourly or salary is verrry helpful.

I can sell (just like my late father), I can write and research, and I understand the Legislative and Political process in Los Angeles, and California and Washington, DC (Lobbying is not a curse word for me, it is an aspiration).

I'd be happy working in a bookstore along Ventura Blvd or at The Grove. I would like to work for magazines, newspapers or new media (more on that on the Southland Fundraiser post). If there is a way to make money writing in the Valley (or get hired to write about what I like), I'm so in (and make a decent salary).

OK, that's what I'm looking for to keep the dream job alive.

Any advice?

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