Monday, May 24, 2010

Los Angeles Congressional Primary Endorsements 2010

There is one more post before the Primary, that one will be about the State measures on the ballot. Unfortunately, there is no one place at the CAGOP, LAGOP or SFVRC sites where the list of names for the State assembly or State senate seats in Los Angeles are consolidated.

Now then, from the Antelope Valley to Long Beach, here is a list of Republican candidates the Valley endorses for June 8 [Asterisks for those candidates whom I have helped]:

CA-22: Rep. Kevin McCarthy (unopposed)

CA-25: Rep Howard "Buck" McKeon (unopposed)

CA-26: Rep. David Drier

CA-27: Mark Reed *

CA-28: Merlin Froyd *

CA-29: John Colbert

CA-30: This is a tough one. I was at the debate and I like the top three. The choice is by a nose, but I endorse whomever of the top 3 wins on June 8th. My choices: 1) Ari David * 2) Robert Flutie 3) David Benning.

CA-31: Stephen Smith (unopposed)

CA-32: Ed Schmerling (unopposed)

CA-33: Phil Jannerjahn

CA-34: Wayne Miller (unopposed)

CA-35: K. Bruce Brown (unopposed)

CA-36: Pete Kesterson

CA-37: Star Parker (unopposed)

CA-38: Robert Vaughn (unopposed)

CA-39: Larry Andre -- met him at the LAGOP meetings, nice guy. Vote for him in the Primary and in November.

CA-42: Rep. Gary Miller (unopposed)

CA-46: Rep. Rohrabacher (unopposed)

Learn this list -- study it. And G-d willing, when the Southland Fundraiser is running, other Bloggers will know these people too.

My question: Have you picked your candidates yet?

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  1. Thanks for supporting Larry Andre for Congress in California's 39th District. Please lets all work to FIRE LINDA SANCHEZ from CONGRESS! Send a small donation to Larry Andre at


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