Thursday, May 06, 2010

Invite to Governor Palin to meet the LACRP and the SFVRC

Governor Palin,

Do you remember this email I sent last week?

"We have many good GOP candidates (and good county officials, Jane Barnett and Gary Aminoff); will the Governor help put Los Angeles candidates on the map?"

Thank you for responding to that earlier email asking you to start endorsing some candidates before the June 8th Primary; However, in your loyalty to your former running mate (Fine in AZ, but doesn't carry in CA), you forgot your public.

Before you endorse any candidates in the Southland (where I am trying to bring publicity + funds via local funds and the Blogosphere; Speak to Robert Stacy McCain for more info), please fly in to Burbank Airport and I will drive you around. I will introduce you to two people who are making Los Angeles a place to fight, Jane Barnett and Gary Aminoff. Speak to them before you start endorsing in the Southland.

The Los Angeles County meeting is next Thursday, I'll be there, and I hope you will too. Come to Los Angeles and meet our candidates. You will be very impressed. My endorsements for the State offices will show up on the Blog every Friday, but please do not hesitate to email me before you arrive. Your staff has the same privileges as well.

Let's win in 2010! And I support you in 2012.


My question: Which Southland candidates do you support?

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  1. I vote in Pasadena, not L.A., but I'm happy to strongly whatever whatever the Republican slate is.


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