Thursday, May 06, 2010

Who was Missing in Times Square and the Tri-Borough bridge?

Simple question, complicated answer.

Let's go over the Dramatis Personae for Times Square:

1) 1993 Nissan pathfinder Vehicle SUV, where the bomb was put;

2) Faisal Shahzad, the bomber with ties to the Pakistan Taliban;

3) Lance Orton and Duane Jackson, sidewalk sellers who are the heroes of this piece;

4) Mayor Bloomberg, who blamed the tea partiers before the Islamic threat;

5) Contessa Brewer, MSNBC anchor who followed suit;

6) The NYPD, always getting the job done; and

7) Viacom, owners of Comedy Central, who show South Park which offended the Muslim community; Rather then stand up for Trey Parker and Matt Stone, their weakness made them a target on the same block as the Nissan pathfinder.

And the Triborough bridge:

1) Abandoned U-haul truck, and

2) NYPD, getting it done again.

Who is missing from all the characters? We have local people standing up and taking charge, but the intelligence agencies have gone silent. Where are the reports to the President about future attacks? Either the Obama Administration (and the lackluster media behind them) don't want to release them, or they were never given. Which choice do you think is occuring?

As long as the Democrats and President Obama continue to attack the methods and Modus operandi of our men and women out in the dark (that's why this Goth respects their work), keep a sharp eye. They are not giving this Administration the same slack as the last Administration.

My question, why?

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