Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why Carnival Noir was a Success and the Southland Fundraiser will follow

I got to see Carnival Noir last Thursday night thanks to my friend Charly. Not only did I see her band play (and play well), but I saw how Carnival Noir's success mirrors the Southland Fundraiser/Great Right Wing Hollywood Blogger Meet Up.

At Carnival Noir, there were magicians, fire eaters, artists and in the center ring, Charly's band, Many of Odd Nature. Charly is one of the mainstays at Ruin/Malediction and her niceness alone brought at least 2/3rds of the crowd. She is a class act and I am proud to know her.

How does this tie in to what Gary Aminoff, Robert Stacy McCain and I are trying to do? Follow the notes in the dark and you will understand....

The Southland Fundraiser will tie in the Los Angeles candidates (at all levels) to hear a great Blogger who will speak at the end the week at the Reagan Museum (with CSPAN recording the action). The Speaker will be reported on by Bloggers who spent the week traveling as reporters around the Southland, meeting activists and candidates.

This event does not have yours truly at the center (that's the Speaker, Gary Aminoff and the Chairman), but it does have our Central committee members and candidates working their tails off in this election year. My sister's boyfriend is a great guy and he is a producer. His job matches what Charly has done and what I am doing: Bringing together coalitions to put on a show.

Los Angeles is not on any one's political maps (but you can find it on the Goth maps, point again for Charly). Here is what I wrote back in 2007:

Remember this equation: 37 Counties + San Diego + Los Angeles = California in Republican's hands.

Election 2010 gives the California Republican Party that chance to prove the theorem. Again, the event is not about me but about promoting Los Angeles and our candidates through the power of Blogs. And the funds raised for the Speaker event will all be local monies.

If Charly can put together a great show by promoting everyone at Carnival Noir; Chairman Nehring, Chief Operating Officer Brent Lowder, Gary Aminoff, Robert Stacy McCain, the Speaker (not to be revealed until Southland Fundraiser is a go), and I can bring Los Angeles into the political maps by working together. Los Angeles needs to be promoted this election year. Mr. Schumsky, please step up so we can all sit down together and put on a show.

Trust me, following Goths is not a bad thing, and following Charly is an even better thing.

My question: How do you measure success? Do you do it individually or do you bring others with you?

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