Monday, May 17, 2010

The Valley Endorses Chuck DeVore for US Senate

Here is the endorsement for Governor: Steve Poizner;
Here is the Six State Level Endorsements.

The California Senate race is race was hard to pick due to an oversupply of richness. However, thanks to a tweet by my friend and writer John Guardino, Former Rep. Tom Campbell was out of the running early (and even more so after I heard him at the LAGOP meeting).

Here is the post I read that put Rep Tom Campbell outside my perception filter:

"Was he lying about the letter or inexcusably careless? Either way, he now has a burgeoning controversy that is not likely to abate. His opponents are certainly going in for the kill. Chuck DeVore’s communications director, Joshua Trevino, says to me of the latest: 'Tom Campbell’s credibility is eroded when his statements about his past with Islamic radicals are proven false. But what really erodes his credibility is the plain existence of a past with Islamic radicals. Campbell’s inconsistencies are a handy news hook — but the underlying problem is his lack of judgment in ever having affiliated with anti-American, pro-terror Islamists.'"

And when Rep. Tom Campbell was at the LAGOP, he had no fire in his belly to fight for his beliefs, either in the campaign or on the Senate floor. The best Legislators are fighters and Rep. Tom Campbell (among his many faults) is not a fighter. If he cleans up his act, he can work in a future Republican OMB office. But not under these current conditions.

Now, Carly Fiorna. This is where the embarrassment of riches for the California senate race comes through. She fights, she's a businesswoman and she actually campaigns (unlike Meg Whitman whom many California Conservative activists refuse to vote for even if she wins the primary), but there is one reason why I say no. (Sorry Governor Palin!)

Carly Fiorna was a member of the 2008 failed McCain campaign and that can be used against her. I would hope if she loses this primary, she goes for Feinstein's seat. Just not this cycle.

Now why do I support Chuck DeVore?

Like Vice President Cheney who was a staffer who became a principal (Washington speak for becoming a "face"), State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore came from being a campaigner and former White House Staff to becoming a Principal. There are Chuck stories everywhere around Los Angeles about the good work that he has done for the party.

He is a fighter (literally, in the Army Reserves) and in the campaign. As a State Legislator, he fought for his issues. He will be strong in the national defense issue against Boxer and the Democrats.

I shook Chuck DeVore's hand at the LAGOP meeting and he answered my question about how to reduce taxes.

The Valley is pleased to endorse Chuck DeVore for Senate for the June 8th primary and in November.

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