Tuesday, May 11, 2010

People, Places and Things

Yesterday, I was nearly killed on the 405 South, so I'm still a little shaken up. I'm fine, but still shaking. -- the car switched colors and the Insurance guy is coming here Thursday. Consider this post a step back into the Blogosphere, another post tomorrow.

First watch this:

OK, ready?


David Cameron -- As someone who watches the PMQ on CSPAN with regularity, I am pleased that David Cameron is Prime Minister. It will be interesting to see how his coalition with Nick Clegg will work and how long it will last. Is Electoral Reform in the works? Stay tuned.

Elena Kagan - First, I don't care about her personal life. Or to quote South Park: Don't care, don't care, don't care. She did block the ROTC from Harvard Law, I will discuss how to stop her nomination. Remember, the former Junior senator from Illinois voted NO on both of President Bush's nominees. This is karma. Also, check Chessnovice's Blog for more detail as the nomination get closer.

Pamela Geller -- Buy her book: The Post-American Presidency. She is a kick ass Blogger and the Valley is one of her biggest supporters. You will see the Amazon book list updated tomorrow.
Jim Hoft -- Saw him last night at Skirball. Great guy, great Blogger (Crossing fingers hope that the Valley is entered into his Blogroll). I hope to see him again when The Southland Fundraiser begins.

Ann Althouse - The great Law professor/Blogger realizes her Gothiness. She should check out The Lady of the Manners Blog. And when she comes to Los Angeles, I think Meade and her would enjoy grooving at Ruin/Malediction. From the only Conservative Goth Jewish Blogger Activist (TM) to another Goth, the invite is open.


Greece and the EU - Will the contagion spread? What will happen to the Euro? I'm following this story closely. I hope to post on it soon.

California - Following Greece unless we elect a Republican State Assembly and State Senate (and Governor; Hint: Not Meg Whitman). More endorsements every Friday until primary day, June 8th. I invited Robert McCain out here for primary night. Let's see if he comes out to report.

The Volcano with the weird name in Iceland - If the Global warming scientists could not predict this, how can they predict the weather? And if AGW is real, wouldn't humankind adapt? Thank you and don't forget to tip you waiters.


The Southland Fundraiser and the California Republican Party - Just spent some time going over the CRP's expenditures. I am working with Gary Aminoff and Ari David (Donate to his campaign) on the next steps. It would be very helpful if Chairman Nehring decides to sit down with Mr. Aminoff and I on how to use the Southland Fundraiser to win back Los Angeles. I am still here, I await his call. Stay tuned.

Ok, that's it for today. Comment on anything here. And now, a tune I've been listening to:

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