Saturday, May 22, 2010

Doctor Who -- Day of the Daleks

The last post was my cover letter to the Chairman, I am waiting for him to get back from Long Island to respond. (Crossing fingers, saying prayers)

As the only Conservative Goth Jewish Republican Activist TM, I am spending tonight (thanks to my friends) Gothing at RUIN. If you are in Los Angeles and read the Valley, come over, groove to the music and say "Hi!"

In the Blogger side proposal, the first night the Bloggers are settled (Sunday before the Thursday speech), I will have an "unofficial" meet-up for the Conservative Republican Politico Bloggers in Los Angeles with the Conservative Goth etc. etc. at a Goth club: Malediction. Conservative and Republican Politico Bloggers and Goths, I like the combo.

Now then, before I head out, enjoy this piece of Doctor Who dealing with diplomacy, Daleks, and Pre-destination Paradoxes. It was during the Third Doctor's tenure, called "Day of the Daleks,"


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