Thursday, May 20, 2010

Race, Rand Paul, and Republicans

OK, before I get onto the Southland Fundraiser, let's talk policy:

First follow the memorandum spread.
This article, by the Washington Post has a great summery of the issue.

And what do I think about Senatorial Candidates Rand Paul's comments?

Well, one, just because he won the primary does not mean you go on MSNBC until you've been seasoned with learning to debate the Left. That means go on MSNBC in the Fall if you are a candidate (and even then go wearily).

Two, and this is the heart of the matter, Government can do good and evil. That's what Liberals don't understand. For instance, my dealings with Medi-cal last summer made my health situation worse, not better. If a Government (Federal and State) makes laws against a group of people, the Law has the power of the gun beside it. Not good.

When we are dealing with Civil Rights, there is a two sided coin now on display. The Booker T. Washington school of economic integration and self-support, verses the W.E.B. DuBois asking for freedom with help from the State. Because W.E.B. DuBois won the argument (and left the US), we have seen the urban ghettos rise in crime, but low on business' or possibilities of achieving more. Why?

I try to engage Ta-Nahisi Coates of the Atlantic when it comes to this issue, but I have never received an answer to this question:

If Conservatives are to be held for the sin of the 1960's (even though more Democrats voted against the Civil Rights bill of 1964 and attacked the Civil Rights workers during that time), what must be done to end the Blood Libel? Without answering, "be more liberal," what will it take for African Americans to look past the rhetoric of the Revs. Jackson's and Sharpton's and open their votes to changing two parties?

And to counter Mr. Coates, I then say, as a Jew, every Passover, we talk about how the Egyptians held the Jews as slaves. If you are willing to hold the Right for sins for which most of us were not even born, shouldn't I hold modern Egyptians under the same blood libel?

Or simply, how long must we look at the past before we can move forward together?

While I wait for that answer (again), my take on the Conservatives, Republicans and race is simple: I have been in the back rooms of the Republicans out here, I have hosted Robert Stacy McCain in my apartment, I know the Right Blogosphere and have mentors on Capitol Hill and I hear the same thing every time, we don't judge by the color of skin, but by the deeds that people do.

That was what Martin Luther King preached, why is color-blindness a wrong thing to promote?

Libertarians Republicans are their own breed, and sometimes they intersect with the tea Party. The issues are Economic Freedom for all, not race based on who should get the goods from Government (that's a Democratic party position). How this gets confused by the Left, I will never know.

When Senator Obama was running for President in 08, he promised a "post-racial," society, instead, every opposition to the Democrats policies means someone, somewhere will cry "RAAAAACIST,"

President Obama lied.

Let's hear from someone who spoke "Truth to Power,":

My question is simple: What will it take to move foward in the conversation about Race and Political parties? Or is one side always destined to stereotype the other?

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