Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sun Tzu, The Southland Fundraiser and the Magnolia Office of the CRP

Earlier this year, Robert Stacy McCain described yours truly:

"Joe Fein compares the San Fernando Valley to Anzio. "We have to establish a beachhead," said Fein, a local Republican activist who believes the California GOP can recover lost terrain in this year's mid-term election.

"Driving through Burbank after attending a Tea Party event Saturday in Altadena, Fein made references to Sun Tzu's The Art of War as he discussed GOP prospects for defeating Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff in California's 29th District. "

Hence the idea of the Southland Fundraiser and me working at the Magnolia office in Burbank to put it together. The Southland Fundraiser ties in with the California Republican Party's (and the national party in general) to have a connection with New Media.

How? Read on.

Here is what Sun Tzu said about Offensive Strategy:

"Expediency and flexibility are used in administrating an army, but cannot be used in Governing a State," (pg. 81)

I've discussed the proposal with Matt Robbins and Matt Schumsky, both like how the Bloggers will be credentialed as reporters to change the battlefield of Los Angeles from non-threatening to willing to fight over (Check CQ Polls and RCP about Los Angeles, no one has noted yet). There is enough flexibility and expediency to gather our forces in a tidal wave year and change the game. I have been waiting since December 08 (in an email the Chairman sent) to sit down with the Chairman. Mr. Chairman, I'm still here.

Here is what Sun Tzu said about Energy:

"In battle there are only the normal and extraordinary forces, but their combinations are limitless; none can comprehend them all," (pg. 92)

The activists, Central Committee members and candidates in Los Angeles (ordinary forces) will feel they have contributed (and they will) to the Thursday night speech by the Speaker. The Bloggers (extraordinary forces) will get to know our people on the ground. And California will beat out 49 other states for funds because of this. The combination will be deadly when this is put on in the Fall. Because Los Angeles + San Diego + the 40 or so other counties will turn Red, Mr. Chairman, you will be a hero. Again Mr. Chairman, I await your call.

Here is what Sun Tzu said on Maneuvering:

"When campaigning, be swift as the wind...As unfathomable as the clouds, move like a thunderbolt," (pg. 106)

Election 2010 is on. June 8th is three weeks away. I've been trying to get this proposal going since last December. That is not speed against the Democrats, that's the bureaucracy that we on the Right oppose. I have scouted out the territory, I have built the team from Malibu to Maryland, I am ready to work in the Magnolia Office on Monday. Mr. Chairman, I just await your call.

Let's move to the modern era and see what Robert McCain says about the New Media and the Party establishment:

"The influence of cronyism within Republican Party staffing decisions is probably underestimated by outsiders, and then there is the disastrous effect of faux-meritocracy. When somebody’s college roommate doesn’t get the job, the next alternative is to hire “Joe Resume,” the immaculately groomed guy in the $700 suit who can deliver a persuasive 20-minute Powerpoint presentation. An ability to deliver the superficial appearance of competence, of course, is a poor substitute for actual competence, but Republicans place a lot of emphasis on looking good in a suit.
"That the well-groomed Republicans got their asses kicked in 2008 by a campaign orchestrated by a slob like David Axelrod demonstrates the campaign orchestrated by a slob like David Axelrod demonstrates the shortcomings of the Dress For Success school of political strategy. And before that, the polite Republicans got their asses kicked in 2006 by a campaign orchestrated by Rahm F***ing Emanuel.
"Which is not to say that the magic formula for Republicans is to hire more rude slobs. I’m just saying that bloggers’ complaints about GOP New Media consultants, in general, replicate more general problems with the dominant culture inside Republican politics. Republicans tend to approach politics from a business perspective, which is good, except when it tends toward the MBA-cult approach:
**Never do the job yourself, if it can be outsourced to a contractor;
**Anything worth doing is worth hiring a consultant to tell you how to do it; and
**No task is more important than making sure you never get blamed for anything that goes wrong.
"Go back to the GOP electoral disasters of 2006-08 and see if you can remember anyone in the Republican Party who ever said, “Hey, this is my fault. I screwed up. Blame me.” If the evasion of responsibility is Job One, defining ”competence” becomes problematic. Where do these problems come from? I believe they are an ironic product of success.

"Before McCain-Feingold, before the rise of and the Soros apparatus, the GOP generally enjoyed a substantial fund-raising advantage over Democrats, and so Republicans became accustomed to having a few overpaid incompetents on the payroll. The people who ran the show could afford to say, “Here, give the senator’s nephew a job — any job will do – and while you’re at it, see if you can hustle up a consulting contract for my college roommate.”
"Well, now the Good Old Days are gone, money’s tight, and competence is at a premium. This is a general problem in Republican politics, of which specific complaints about GOP New Media consultants are symptomatic."

As a Blogger, I understand the fight for eyeballs. I understand how important it is for an instalanche. The Bloggers are like the Knights on the Chessboard, they can attack and protect. The CRP establishment has yet to figure out how to bring in the Bloggers and Tea Partiers. As someone active in both camps, let me show you the way and we can take back Los Angeles.

The secret to winning the Southland lies right in Magnolia Ave. office. This is a campaign year, it must be weaponized. Even though the communications people are located in Sacramento, there should be at least three PR people (one New media, one former News person and one TV person) down in the Southland.

Why at the Magnolia office? Because when you shout in Sacramento, Our own people (who are already involved) hear the music; When they are based in the second biggest media market in the US, everyone around the country hears the tune of GOP Rising.

The Political director is based in Magnolia. Good. We have a structure in the OC and as of last year, we have a kick-ass team led by Jane Barnett and Gary Aminoff. Let them lead the way. The Southland Fundraiser can put Los Angeles in play; the OC people will do well in this tidal year. The OC does not need campaign consultants but volunteers and staff. Sun Tzu predicted the Los Angeles challenge centuries and continents away. Don't be scared of Los Angeles, let us embrace the challenge together.

Chairman Nehring, I await your call on when I can start.

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