Sunday, May 16, 2010

Returning with Quiet Feet

After the accident on the 405 South, it took a while for my hands to stop shaking. So, now they have stopped. Back to blogging again.

Here's what to look forward to (starting tonight):

1) Endorsement for US Senate in CA;

2) The new media and the California Republican Party office on Magnolia Blvd (Hint to Chairman Nehring and Mr. Schumsky: If you don't want the CRP Office mentioned in negative terms, pick up the phone and set up a meeting with me at said offices regarding the Southland Fundraiser.)

3) The Kagan pick and the Harvard/Yale choke on positions of power. When was the last Republican president not from an Ivy? Ronald Reagan, 1984. When was the last Democratic President not from an Ivy? Lyndon Johnson, 1964. And Former Governor Palin is setting herself up for a run in 2012. Not an Ivy. Which is the "party of the people," again?

4) I have been looking at DaTechGuy's Blog about how to raise funds (read link first before commenting) for my Tip Jar. If anyone has advice (Robert Stacy McCain I'm looking at you), let me know.

5) As always, Goths, Doctor Who and Los Angeles Republican politics. I have seen our candidates from the Water to the Valleys, and I would love for the Nationals to pick up on our great people. Doctor Who? Sci-fi geek from way back when (1977 to be exact). And Goths? That's who I am.

Enjoy a tune, while I get ready for the next post:

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