Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Open Letter to Dr. John Deasy, Chairman, LAUSD

Dear Dr. Deasy:

My family is very tight -- when my late father died, we all pulled together.  When my disease started acting up, my Mom and my sister both helped me through that rough time.

Now, after hearing from my Mom on the phone, she is upset and I will be writing on my public blog (with its respective national and international audience) to help her.   If you can help her too, I would have no need to write this post.

Back in March, my Mom had only two minutes to decide to leave the Baudry Office (where she worked hard and had lots of friends); you moved her to a school with no way of her to go back.  Now, my Mom (like many in the school she works in) is leaving the "institutional memory," behind because of a bureaucratic decision that had no understanding of the people affected.

In my realm of politics, that means more votes for me and my people (Los Angeles Republicans) because your personnel commission do not care about their own staff.  My Mom is a member of the clerical staff and I have seen her work her heart out wherever she has been -- but there is no reason to send any staffer more then 10 miles away from their comfort zone without consulting them.  And last I checked, my Mom was not consulted.  All she wants is to go back to her "A" basis back in Baudry. 

So, some bureaucrats with no way of contacting staff from across the LA Basin, decided to make a decision to kill each schools "Institutional memory,"  Without "Institutional Memory," each school has to re-learn how to run smoothly for the students, parents and teachers.  All done without speaking directly to the staff about these changes. 

How many parents have opted out of LAUSD because of its arrogance and uncaring attitudes?  These are taxpayers who could bring good things, but they are scared because of the bureaucracy.  

Throughout the basin, I know many candidates (local and national) who want to reform LAUSD and how much monies it recieves.  Does having no contact with staff, losing each schools "institutional memory," stop these Refiormers from going forward?  Not if I have anything to do with it.

In NYC, the largest school system in the world, they broke up their districts so each student can get local support.  Every chance of Reform thus far  is blocked by the UTLA.  Every reform.

Here's the thing, LAUSD is hiring Executives that make $100,000 or more while slighting the clerical and teachers.  Without clerical and teachers, you have no LAUSD. 

My Mom has told me she reached out to you many, many times. 

All she wants is her "A" basis back at Baudry, and yet, she could not be accommodated.  So, do you have power as Chairman or not?  And someone needs to tell the personnel commission to speak with everyone they affect or that means more votes for my people on this internal corruption.

So, on this national and internationally known Blog, I am making an appeal for you to make things rightHelp my Mom and stand up for the clerical staff against the bureaucrats that don't care.   

Your move Mr. Chairman.



PS: My Mom and I tried the school food at her current place and both of us got sick.  If it happened to two adults, what about the kids? Maybe you should open up the LAUSD food to Trimana or the Food Network to help each student get a healthy meal. 


UPDATE 8/18/11 8:45PM: The message from Chairman Deasy was simply: If you are Clerical staff, he does not care about you.  And fighting the corruption, the bad food or for the students? He does not care. 


  1. Anonymous7:08 PM PDT

    I worked under Dr. Deasy when he was the head of Prince George's County schools in Maryland. He was here only long enough to grab some stats that "proved" what a great impact he had made. He left town in the middle of the night when we found out his PhD was fake and he was targeted in a federal investigation. People like him always land on their feet--they just move on to a job, collect data showing that the changes they fostered made a world of difference, and then they move on. I met him once at a PR event. A colleague and I were scheduled to speak about a program we have been involved in for years. He breezed in late, jumped in front of the cameras, took all the credit, and then poof! he was gone. May he get more than he deserves, and may he get it soon.

  2. Ok,somehow I mixed this all up with a special ed blog. Unfortunately I can only offer your poor mom one option unless she has a contract that I can veiw on line, Please tell her to file a complaint with DFEH . you can do the form on line . LAUSD ha been purging older workers because the cost mor. By making your mother's commute so far away HR is attempting to force her out.mthere is no reason she needs to transferred all the ay to other end of the 110. But if she was trying talk to Deasy this would have peeved him because he is an elitist. She needs to know her place.
    You got agism . Maybe harassment. They fear the gism thing because cases are mounting and teachers are talking class action on them and the union. And by the way, Deasy pays some thug to follow. These blogs. Visit ours so you have an idea who we are up against because deasy is connected to another bully named Eli Broad as well as Bill Gates. Big brother business got lots of $
    Www. Endteacherabuse.org


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