Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer 2011 POP! (with Music!)

Let us harken back to days of yore, when the Valley was still breathing its first.

Now whilst I have been busy in real time, many things have happened which I will address (in separate posts at some point -- I hope).

Now get ready to POP! (with music):

1) America loses a Credit Grade -- Policy --

Trading Places, Commodities Scene

Now, a tune:

Billy Idol, Mony, Mony

Politically, it damages President Obama and the democrats for 2012. Not only have Democrats not passed an Appropriations bill since 2007 (Neither House nor Senate), now with their Power in the White House and the Upper House, they couldn't stop the Unemployment rate from rising.

President Obama was hired to fix the economy in 2008.  He failed with a large Democratic majority.  hence the rise of the NEW Fiscal Conservatives, the Tea Party.  President Obama, to paraphrase Pig Killer in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, there is no plan to fix the economy. 

Welcome to the Age of Contraction.

2) The UK Riots -- Policy

The Clash, Guns of Brixton

It's August; tensions are high in this Age of Contraction, and a young man,  Mark Duggan was killed by the MPD.  Riots and alarms have broken out across the English cities. 

I retweeted something from one of my favorite underrated British actor, Noel Clarke (Mickey on Doctor Who).  He tweeted simply:


And this was a later tweet:

We're supposed to fight for honour, pride. #London. you are better than this. young people you are better than this. We are better than this
Even in this Age of Contraction, for civilization (old and new), let the Law will out on those involved.  Everyone else, keep calm and carry on.  The UK is one of my favorite places, please keep it in one piece until I visit. Thank you. 

3) The Wisconsin Recalls, pt 1. -- Politics:

Phil Collins, I Missed Again

After the Democrats ran away from voting on a budget issue; allowed people to trash the Wisconsin capitol and then force an election not long after the last scheduled one, what were they thinking?

Well, the Democrats  lost 4 of the 6 races to take over the WI Senate and the race for the State Supreme Court. Maybe they can't take a hint..... (h/t to the Althouse Blog for following all the news)

Cooler heads always prevail.  Protests had a by-sell date of 1974. That's done now. 

And that's all the POP for tonight!

My question: Did I miss anything? I'll add it here. 

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