Monday, August 15, 2011

Meeting the Valley's Readers in Clubs

First off, a hat tip my friend Vicktor from Las Vegas!  Thanks for coming out to Bar Sin to meet with me. 

Viktor was normal of the Valley's readership -- I met him (and his crew) in a club.

Either I meet the Valley's readers in a Political Club (SFVRCWestside GOP or RPLAC) or a Goth Club (mainly, Ruin).

I want to thank everyone I've met through this Blog; Everyone who reads the Valley is smart and engaging.  I've met readers who disagree with some of my posts.  Again, I usually get a coherent answer and enjoy the give and take.

The Valley attracts readers from a few differing groups, the Intelligence Community (or those who "work in the Dark,"), Beltway activists, House and Senate staff and staffers within the Executive Branch Agencies, California and Los Angeles Republicans and Goths (or those who "dance in the dark,") 

You can always find me in a Goth club (be it in LA or DC, but Ruin/Malediction is my Gothy home) or a Political club. 

If you read the Valley and are visiting LA, email me and I'll find you! If you live in LA, say "Hello!"

I am very proud of the readers of the Valley! 

Thank you all for reading and visiting!

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