Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Technological Singularity and the American Polity 3: How to make it Real

Here is Part 1: AI's
Here is Part 2: Uploaded Minds

And now, we close out the summer with Part 3 -- Bringing the Polity of the Mind and AI's to move American fortunes forward!

There are a few places in the US where private firms work on technological progress; Outside the Bay Area up North, Route 128 in MA and Seattle (where you find Steampunk Queen, Cherie Priest and Goth Etiquette expert, Lady of the Manners).  The Venture Capitalists for the future are based in these Tech areas, but here in the Valley, the question is how to bring the American Polity into the future?

As I have argued in the last two parts, the Democratic Party would subject the AI's and our Uploaded Minds to be controlled by the State; Republicans care about freeing the AI's and allowing people living in the Polity of the Mind to live under the same US Constitution as the meatspace folk live today.

Now, that's the endgame: How do we move the Technology into the future with Congress, White House, and State Houses and Governors?

Here is where I tell all the Venture Capitalists to invest in the Southland, the land of the Social Libertarian.  If enough of our candidates win (with a President Palin or President Gary Johnson), the technology (and the Singularity) can move ahead.

Moore's law stops when the Economy is in shambles. (and the Democrats have not passed any budgets since 2007, not with both branches, and not with the current Senate)

The first step is a Bill: turning an American city into William Gibson's Chiba City. This can only be done with Republicans owning both Houses of Congress and the White House (and again, only with a President Palin or President Gary Johnson).   I would suggest a tech area ready to expand -- either Seattle or some edge of Silicon Valley.

The next step is for the Technological Free Zone to work with the State and federal areas.  Unfortunately, to quote John Lennon:

(If you drive a car ),I’ll tax the street,
(If you try to sit ), I’ll tax your seat,
(If you get too cold ), I’ll tax the heat,
(If you take a walk ), I’ll tax your feet.Taxman.

With the corporate supporters of the "Technological Free Zone,"  they can bring in minor Government Oversight (very Libertarian/Republican -- a Government that helps commerce and advancing technology) such as a Patent office and other agencies (again working with the backers of the Zone) to decide how much taxes the Zone would pay to keep out interference.

Between the patents and the Rise of the new Technologicals (i.e. AI's), the Government gets their cut.

Third Step: After the AI's are created in the "Technological Free Zone,"  the local Government should give them citizenship.  Limit their range to the Free Zone and allow them to grow.  After five years, they should be working with (not slaves of) the Federal Government to go back to the stars.

Fourth Step: Within the Technological Free Zone, test out the Four year old AI's with the people trying the head within the Uploads.  Before every Uploaded Polity begins, all humans get their own version of the US Constitution to work with  The rules within the US Constitution should apply to every Polity of the Mind started from the Technological Free Zones to the rest of the country.

Fifth and Final Step: America takes the Technology from the Free Zones, works with the AI's and creates some Polities of the Mind to travel to the stars to look for inhabitable worlds.

And thanks to American technology (and Republicans in Congress and in the White House to free Commerce), the Singularity Rises!

My question: After reading all these parts, how would you bring the Technological Singularity to the American Public (before Brazil, Russia, China or India does it first)?

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