Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Winning by Middling (Or President Obama's Libyan Adaventure)

"Once they made History; Now they are History!" 
The Old leadership of Libya is gone, there is still no new leadership.

Here is the thing:

President Obama is NOT a Wilsonian in foreign policy.  I can't find any speech saying how much he supports those under the hands of dictators around the world.  Think back to the Iran protests.

Nor did President Obama appeal to the US Congress to use the War Powers Act; Nor did any Liberal protest on how the Libyan "war," was illegal.  After 1/20/09, there  ARE no protests.

President Obama, like Bill and Ted, did the right thing by mistake.  The Old leadership of Libya might be gone, but do we know what philosophies the new leadership follows?

No we don't, and neither does President Obama.  Maybe he is re-thinking his opposition to President Bush and the Iraq War.

I doubt it.

Here is a message for those Leftists who wish to oppose the next Republican Presidents  foreign policy:

Bill and Ted in the Future!

My question: What is the Obama Administration basis for foreign policy? Please give examples.

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