Wednesday, August 03, 2011

History will look Kindly on Pamela Geller not Glenn Greenwald

First off, let me say I support Pamela Geller.  When I was putting together the Southland Fundraiser last Election cycle, she was the ONLY person I wanted to speak.  If the Fundraiser comes back this cycle, the same rule applies.

Two days ago,  I read this tweet by Glenn Greenwald:

Glenn Greenwald is known in the Blogosphere for Sock-pupetting on Pattericos site.  That's sin #1

Glenn Greenwald ALWAYS takes the side of Hezbollah and Hamas over Israel -- even after the ONLY Jewish State gave back Gaza and only got Missiles in return.  A true Sonderkommando. Sin #2

Shakespeare: "Brevity is the soul of wit,"  Strunk and White, "Omit needless words,"  Apparently Glenn Greenwald's third sin is due to  Vizzini syndrome.  And I quote: 

Vizzini: Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?
Man in Black: Yes.
Vizzini: Morons.

As I said earlier in the Valley, the newly dead should never be politicized.  And the Left, following suit as they did in Sparkman, West Virginia; Arizona and now Norway wants to tie every member of the Right to the crazies.

But there is an even more important difference between my friend, Pam Geller and Glenn Greenwald:

She stays and fights, Glenn Greenwald imitates Brave Sir Robin of Monty Python:

Glenn Greenwald wanted Gay marriage to be the norm in the United States.  As a Social libertarian, I see no issue here.  As a partisan, I see a weak person who won't even stay in his own country and fight for what he believes in.  He expects others to do the heavy lifting.  Speaking to partisans who think the same way you do on TV, radio and the Internet does not expand converts. (nor does sock-puppeting).

I voted No on 8; I support any two consenting adults to be happy.  But every time Andrew Sullivan attacks Palin's family, I always have to rethink that vote.

Now, compare Greenwald to Pam Geller.

Pam Geller is a New York Jew who cares about the survival of the ONLY Jewish state and supporting a Reformation (not elimination) of Islam. Greenwald does not believe Muslim Countries should share in the Democracy franchise. 

Pamela Geller cares about women and girls dying in the Muslim (and Western) world who die from Honor killing.  Greenwald does not care about the "people," that do not think like he does.
She stands and fights.  She took a neighborhood issue and brought it to light.  She spoke in front of cheering crowds.  Has Greenwald ever stood and fought? No, he runs away.

One thing that is true of Greenwald: He wants to uphold the Rights of those who try to kill innocents and attack those who try to protect their Countries (The Pali Territories are not full States -- if they built less bombs and more schools, it might actually be.  But no, Greenwald supports kids strapping bombs to attack Israeli citizens).

Greenwald would rather attack our brave men and women of the Intelligence Agencies and former Administrations rather then support them.  Even Joe Klein (whom I also dislike) challenged Greenwald to come out of his cocoon.

Hello Vizini syndrome! Greenwald does not deign to ever learn anything new. He is Right and anyone who opposes him is evil.

He doesn't even believe in Pam Geller's free speech rights.  I don't think Greenwald has ever read the First Amendment.

Anyone who cites Greenwald to me cites a Political loser who cannot even open his mind to new facts or stand and fight for his beliefs.

So, to my friend Pam, keep your eye on stopping Honor killings and Reforming Islam, history will look kindly on your good deeds.

Meanwhile, Greenwald will continue to hide in his Liberal cocoon and never stand and fight for his beliefs in the American Polity.

Pamela Geller, to quote Instapundit, is a true Army of David (so is DatechGuy, RS Mccain, Ann Althouse and Joy McCann in their own Bloggy realms).  Greenwald needs a Goliath of news media and Liberal establishment to support his views.  

Who will care about Greenwald's ramblings in 50 years from today?  He writes and says the same thing again and again.  He hates the Right and anyone who does not like he does.

My question: How will History remember Geller and Greenwald?

UPDATE 2:00PM PST: Linked by RS and DaTechGuy!  Thanks! 

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