Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Leftists Don't like Jews or Israel

My cousin, Jason Kueller, did a comedy special for HBO called: Goodbye Yellow Brick Joke (Buy it -- Funny Jewish humor) and one line that always cracks me up was when he described his time as a car salesman (because none of the Major Philosophy factories were hiring!).  Another salesman asked if he tried to put the moves on a beautiful married customer. 

Jason did the Honorable thing and mentioned she had a ring.  His compatriot said back: Rings don't plug holes.  A nonsensical statement that made things worse.  So was what came through my comment page.

After I did my Pam Geller/Glenn Greenwald post, Bill Owen, Canadian, whinged around the Valley and Salon to complain that I attacked Glenn Greenwald.  Mr Owen, here is a hint: If you put yourself on the Political battlefield and attack my friends, I return (rhetorical) fire.  

And proving the point that "Rings don't plug holes," Here is someone from Salon:

"Pamela Geller is a virulent ugly Zionist bigot and Oslo is exactly what she and her Zionist friends pray for every night before bed, crazy Christian Zionists to do her "heavy lifting".

"You're a fool carrying her stinky water, if there were no issue with her bigotry then you would have no need to make this post."

That anonymous writer is NOT A CONSERVATIVE.  (Nor can they read, Pam Geller is working on reforming Islam, not eliminating it -- Leftists think they know it all)

A Liberal would defend the existence of the Jewish State;

A Leftist wishes it ill.  

Next time someone says the Left supports the Jews, note the above comment. (or you can listen to KPFK and hear the same things)  

They don't.

I believe that Greenwald could learn and change (hence, why I am a Conservative)-- will his sycophants? 


  1. So return away! It's all good.

    I'm just wondering about how you conclude I don't like Jews? I have zero problems with Jews.

  2. Mr. owen,

    The comment came from your letter.

    I did not say "you," wrote the above comment, but someone who shares your worldview did (Last I checked, Salon does not support Republicans).

    Mote in thy own eye sir, before you chastise us on the Right for ANYTHING.


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