Monday, August 01, 2011

August 2011 Tip Jar Starring Asia Argento!

It's the first week in August, so it's time to hit the Tip Jar! 

Also, BIG props to RS McCain for hitting the Tip Jar last month.  If he could do it, so can you!

This month, I am trying to raise $300; And like every Tip Jar post, a picture of a Gothy Muse -- this month is Asia Argento.   Other Rule 5's have bland American blondes.  Here in the Valley, we have the Dark Muses (some of whom with tattoos).  Every Muse I pick for the Tip jar post carries that darkness. (Plus I get hits on the Tip Jar since I started) Enjoy!

Now let's meet Asia Argento!

She is the daughter of Italian Director Dario Argento and she starred in "Land of the Dead," "XxX," (with Vin Diesel,) and "New Rose Hotel," (based on William Gibson's short story).  An underrated actress, but very cool.

Now, enjoy the pictures:

Asia Argento in Rolling Stone

Asia Argento in Maxim

The last, NSFW:

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Please hit the Tip Jar for $300! 

Next post, back to political Blogging!

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