Thursday, August 25, 2011

Four Candidates for 2012 and Four Alternate X-Men Histories to Guide them

In September, there will be a straw poll at the California Republican Party Fall Convention.  As a voting delegate, I hope every announced and non-announced candidate comes to Los Angeles and asks the delegates for the vote.  Please note this post gives the basis for my pre-requisites or in other words, Senators don't make good Presidents.

There are 55 Electoral votes if you win over the Southland, so if you work or know a Presidential campaign, show up.  

Now, I am going to write the two candidates I like and two (plus one extra) I don't.  And to make it interesting, I will compare them to some X-men series that match each one.  They are all Alternate Histories, so my geekiness is multiplied to the 50th square. Enjoy!

Ready? Let's go!

Governor Palin (R-Alaska)

House of M
I already wrote here why I support Governor Palin.  She is a street fighter, and she has worked as a Governor, she's not a social Conservative and she supports a few issues I support.  Why House of M?

In all the X-men Alternate worlds, this is the closest to ours where mutants live normal lives.  If she wins, it would be Karmic Justice if she defeats President Obama.  And all the Left, whose head exploded when a non-Ivy President was elected in 1980 and 1984, will freak out again.

Governor Gary Johnson (R- NM)

Neil Gaiman's X-Men of 1602

Governor Gary Johnson is the modern Libertarian candidate.  (Forget the Pauls, they are the past).  Here is one of the views I like:



And other views:

THE U.S. IS BORROWING OR PRINTING MORE than 40 cents of every dollar the government spends today. The math is simple: Federal spending must be cut not by millions or billions, but by trillions. And it must be done today.

 THE U.S. TAX SYSTEM IMPOSES AN ENORMOUS toll on productivity through high marginal rates, absurd complexity, loopholes for the well-connected, and incentives for wasteful decisions. The government must lower the tax burden to stimulate the economy.

So why do I compare Gov. Johnson to the 1602 X-men? Because like them, they live simply.  As the Witchbreed hid from the Spanish Inquisition, so is Libertarianism hiding among the Republicans.  There are little disagreements on foreign policy, but I am willing to cast my straw poll vote for him too.  

(and one of my cool friends liked him -- she is a Muse who I talked about briefly here.  If she supports him, I'm willing to listen).

Now the two negatives (+ one extra):

Governor Romney (R-MA) 

Age of Apocalypse

In this future, the mutants rule, but only one: Apocalypse.  He is equivalent to Romney.  Romney has hired some of Meg Whitman's staff, so thus, if Romney wins in 2012, ONLY Romney will win, forget about keeping the Congress.  If you have funds, votes or support, bring them to someone who will respect the local activists and Bloggers. In the Southland, we saw what Whitman did, Romney will follow and every GOP candidate loses.

Governor Huntsman (R-UT)

Days of Future Past

There has never been a President, post FDR, who was a member of a prior Administration that was of the opposite party.  Ask Ambassador Lodge how well he did in the 1964 primaries. And the fact that he is the "Republican candidate who attacks other Republicans," is not the way to win a Primary.  Only the Sprawl Media like him -- but when has the Sprawl media ever concerned itself with what Republicans think?

Now why this future? A mutant assassinated Senator Robert Kelly and created an America ran by Sentinels that are ready to destroy the world.  Only the X-men who are left are trying to stop them.  Huntsman is that mutant that will cause havoc for other mutants.  I have not found anyone within the LA basin or in the Blogosphere who supports him.  He should shut down his campaign now and work full time for the Obama Administration.

And in case you think I am ruling out Mormons (I'm not -- I don't care about peoples religions in public life, however) Read on.....

Governor Perry (R-TX)

Here Comes Tomorrow

In this future, Beast (a former ally) becomes a dangerous ruler of what's left of Planet Earth.  The reason I oppose Governor Perry is because he is a Social Conservative I'm a Social Libertarian, even President Bush did not focus on Social issues.  G-d Bless Texas, but, I'm not a fan of Perry (or any more Bushes for a generation).

OK, at the CAGOP Convention I will be under Reagan's Eleventh commandment, but now, I said my piece.  

My question: Which candidate should I cast my straw poll vote for and why?

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