Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Valley Endorses Gary Aminoff, Maureen Johnson, Susan Kennedy and Arturo Alas for RPLAC 2012

The County with the Most Republicans in the USA! 

To my Fellow Central Committee and RPLAC members from the greatest County (and City) in the world:

First of all, can I say that we have a great group of people who are working on all level from the Assembly District Committees to the CRP?

 As this is a Presidential Election year, we need to move yesterday on getting funds, finding support and breaking through the only city where TV, movies and music is the full time job, not just the enjoyment of, our cities population.

First, click this link of our rising stars.  Without them, our leaders cannot get things done.

And before I go any further, my Goth GOP group (Right in the Dark) will have our first meeting in the Miracle Mile on January 28.  Dress in Black and we'll be able to promote our cause.  See me and I'll tell you how.

Now, the most important thing, we RPLAC members must do tomorrow is make the transition from a solitary Chair to full team to occur by Acclimation.  This is election season, we must get started today.

Let me introduce you to the Unity Ticket that will help Chairwoman Hauter gain ground in 2012 (and hopefully beyond):

Gary Aminoff for 1st Vice Chair.  My mentor, a good friend and "Mr. Republican," himself for us Californians (I still would back a Governor Aminoff run any day).  If you don't know his background, let me show you:

Gary Aminoff has faithfully served RPLAC in many capacities over the years including a previous term as First Vice Chairman, and Treasurer.

He is currently Chairman of the Technology and Communications Committee as well as the Speakers Bureau of the Los Angeles County Republican Party.
Gary is President of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club, which he co-founded in 2003, and which is the largest chartered Republican Club in California.

In 2010, Gary was re-elected for a fourth consecutive term to the Los Angeles County Republican Central Committee in the 42nd Assembly District. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the California Republican Assembly, is the District Director for the 20th Senatorial District and is President of its San Fernando Valley Chapter. He has served on the National Leadership Council of the Republican Jewish Coalition and is active in its Los Angeles Chapter.

Gary has also has been involved as a volunteer senior advisor on several congressional, assembly and state senate races.
Mr. Aminoff is a commercial real estate broker and real estate investment advisor with offices in Beverly Hills. He is a frequent speaker at Republican clubs and organizations
Now we come to Maureen Johnson, for Second Vice Chair. a fellow New Yorker like myself, she has worked her tail off getting the Westside to become a battlefield (and kudos from the Valley to Robert Pederson for keeping it alive with the Westside Republicans).

She is a fighter and a doer.  Again, someone that RPLAC would be honored to have in a leadership capacity.  Here is her bio: 

Maureen was appointed West Los Angeles Regional Chair for several campaigns including Rudy Guiliani for President.  As West Los Angeles Regional Chair for McCain/Palin, Maureen opened a major headquarters operation in West Los Angeles.  She also worked as West Los Angeles Chair for Steve Poizner.

Maureen was appointed West Los Angeles Regional Chair by the Republican Party of Los Angeles County and is now Volunteer Co-Chair for Los Angeles County.

Most recently, Maureen ran the Northern half of the 36th Congressional District for Craig Huey for Congress.

Maureen's expertise with campaigns encompasses strategy, producing major GOTV volunteer operations and candidate presentations at fairs and community gatherings as well as candidate development.

Maureen belongs to many Republican organizations such as the National Federation of Republican Women as well as their Los Angeles Chapter; San Fernando Valley Republican Club; Hollywood Congress of Republicans; Beach Cities Republican Club; Westside Republicans to name a few.  Maureen also serves as a Vice Chair for Westside Republicans.

Maureen is now in the process of opening a Westchester/Del Rey Republican Club, which will cover Westchester, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista and other outlying areas.

For Assistant Secretary, we have Susan Kennedy. I don't know her personally, but if Gary and Maureen are on the same ticket, we should support her. here is her bio:

With a group of classmates, she cut school one chilly day in January 1953 to visit Washington where they stood in the rain to watch Dwight Eisenhower take his first oath of office.  By the time Ike ran for a second term, Susan was in Texas, where a residence issue kept her from being able to register and vote.  From here, the family moved abroad to Japan, where in 1959, Susan tried vainly to register for the 1960 election.  When the critical election between JFK and Nixon rolled around, Susan was in Los Angeles.  At that time, election law required a one-year residence to register, which left Susan in the cold again.  In 1961, an off year for elections, Susan went out of her way to go to the Registrar's office to insure she would never again lose her franchise and has been continuously registered since.

A few years later, she trained to become a deputy registrar, a position that has been eliminated by the introduction of register-by-mail and motor-voter programs.

During the 60s and 70s, she was active with LA County Young Republicans and worked on Ed Reineke's congressional campaign. As a Central Committee member, she worked on various campaigns for the 2010 election and the city election early in 2011.  Susan serves as secretary for her Assembly District Central Committee and also for RPLAC's Bylaws and Rules Committee.

Having lived abroad, Susan is keenly aware of foreign policy issues.  She is a constitutional scholar and a firm believer in the rule of law.  On a civil literacy test on line, where the general public scores about 49% and elected public officials score an abysmal 44%, Susan aced the test at 100%.

Now retired, Susan pioneered the field of word processing, becoming something of a computer expert in the process. An English major with study in several foreign languages, Susan is a capable writer and grammarian.  Thanks to a lifelong interest in the theater, Susan had the fortune while in Japan to work as a disk jockey on a Japanese radio network. She continues developing those speaking skills through membership in the RPLAC-sponsored James Madison Toastmasters organization.  Most of her work career has been in the legal field, which gives her valuable insight to the law and the values that she believes should be held by those seeking public office.

And finally, for Assistant Treasurer, Arturo Alas.  Again, I don't know him yet, but he looks to be a rising star.  Here is his bio: 

Arturo E. Alas III is 30 years old and was born and raised in Los Angeles County. As a youth, he had the opportunity to represent that US in several international competitions for soccer which in turn earned him a scholarship to Sonoma State University. After one year at Sonoma State several international scouts approached Arturo from various countries in Latin America to play soccer abroad. Since it was his goal to play professional soccer, he accepted the offer. As a result, Arturo had the great opportunity to live and work in Mexico, Central America, and South America, where he was able to absorb the different cultures, as well as share the culture of the United States. Consequently, his experience living in Latin America has given him the tools to communicate and understand the largest growing electorate in the United States.

After a knee injury ended his professional athletic aspirations, he returned home to Southern California and began a career as a business professional. Since that time, he has had an opportunity to work in the insurance industry as a top producing life insurance sales agent. Arturo later expanded on this experience and became involved in the real estate business, where he started as a loan officer and in time became an investor. Currently, he is a real estate agent working in the greater Los Angeles area in both residential and commercial properties.

As assistant treasurer, Arturo is prepared to vigorously scrutinize all our financial operations and make sure they are in lock step with the purpose and objectives of this committee. His background and experience in insurance and real estate have given him the opportunity to know what it takes to run a business. He has never let anything obstruct his pursuit of meeting personal goals and he knows that a balanced budget is essential to a well-oiled business.

The Valley endorses these great Men and Women of Los Angeles. Let's vote them in by acclimation so we can win in 2012!  

Repeat after me (and tell your out of state Republican activists to do the same):

If Monies, Volunteers and Time is invested in flipping Los Angeles from City Council to the US House of Representatives, 55 Electoral Votes go to the next Republican President! 

See you tomorrow night!

Here is a song to get you ready for Election 2012:

The Nightwatcman, Whatever It takes

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