Sunday, January 01, 2012

Best Posts of 2011

Like everyone else, I am glad that 2011 is over. 

Caesar's Death by Brutus

The sub-plot of this year was how someone I trusted betrayed me (twice).  If I hadn't put myself on the line for him, post election in 2010, this would not be written (or discussed).  But simple things like treating others how you want to be treated does not work with people who think they know everything about everything. There is an unpublished post that has all HIS secrets. The discussions with friends and doctors continue on this subject.  The post is ready.

I might be a Goth, but I am Old School.  My friends are my friends and I look out for them.  If I can't do anything for you, I will cheer and try to find good people to help you to your goals.  Not hard at all. 

And now, here is the best of 2011!  Enjoy!

10.  How to Debate Politics Online  And How to succeed in Politics and Policy-- Part of the sub-plot, but useful information all the same;\

9. How to Build the Technological Singularity with modern Politics (1, 2, 3) -- I'm still waiting to hear from the Singularity Institute on these posts;

8. Defending the Electoral College -- Yes, I think we should keep it.  So does my mentor, Shawn Steel. 

7.  To win in Los Angeles, support Social Libertarianism -- there are many Goths and others around my age who agree;

6. Civility in Politics -- Not done by Democrats and or so-called friends (again, think sub-plot);

5. Skewing the Establishment Media: Fareed Zakaria, Glenn Greenwald and the Obama Praetorian Guard.  And yes, reforming Journalism.

4.  The Best New Sci-fi series: Avery Cates! To quote Mr. T: I pity the fool who doesn't read these books!

3.  The Wisconsin Riots and Roman History (1, 2)

2. RPLAC and CAGOP Endorsements; Why Bloggers are important to State Parties and the Rising Stars of Republican Los Angeles.  

1.  Fighting the Establishment GOP so we can win in 2012: Romney, Meg Whitman and the "Local Yokels," and Who sits in the Wm F. Buckley Chair of Conservatism? 

Thanks for reading the Valley, even during my slack times.  I promise to be a better writer this year!

My question: What was your favorite post(s) this year? 

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