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Should the CRP or RPLAC back Hollywood or Silicon Valley over SOPA/PIPA?

When the Internet Blackout occurred over SOPA/PIPA -- I realized it was a battle between Old and New technologies.

A battle that is taking place on OUR battlefields -- RPLAC and the California Republican Party can take a stand here.  And since I also have been on the Hill, I can also make a suggestion for how the DC GOP can win while Silicon Valley and Hollywood battles it out.

To quote the General of the Army of Davids, "Heh,"

An Unexpected Party

SOPA is the Stop Online Piracy Act (or HR 3261).  It is designed to extend copyright laws into the Inter tubes, so places like YouTube, Blogs and other places cannot stream anything.

This bill was crafted for the Old technologies based in Hollywood.

PIPA  is the Protect IP Act (or SB 968) and like its brother in the House [SOPA], it seeks to limit streaming of music, TV or movies across the internet.

This being an election year, it will not pass -- there will be too much pressure from Google and Wikipedia (and other sites) to put a break on it.  (Thank G-d!).

This is the first major battle between Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

For now, the Hollywood donors to President Obama are complaining (yet, these Liberals are the 1% -- why is there poverty still in Hollywood? Also, if you want Republicans on your side, why did the MPAA hire controversial Democratic Senator Chris Dodd?  )

Now is the time for we in the Southland and biggest State in the Union to use stratagems to  fight this battle.

Follow me.

Inside Information 

If you notice, these chapter titles are from- the Hobbit - or the sub-title: There and Back Again.  Our first stop is to the Republicans in Congress and to the Americans for tax reform to meet with Grover Norquist.  The eagle flies east.

If we had the ear of Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, House Judiciary Chair Lamar Smith and Ways and Means Chair Dave Camp, I would tell them: STOP! (just like William Buckley standing athwart history).  This can be done better with a Republican Senate majority and a Republican White House.

What's the plan, man?

First, let's look back at how little Bilbo Baggins handled Smaug:

(Yes, I am Bilbo here)

The gaining of power is about the using of Power (look how Senator Reid used his power of the Senate to block Bush nominees; And then look how President Obama went against the Senate using the same tactics -- that, ladies and gentlemen is Power.).

I would like to ask Grover Norquist if in his proposal not to raise taxes on the American Public, if there can be a loophole to raise taxes on those who don't support the Right.  Say, Hollywood moguls, Oscar winners and musicians who rail against Republicans on all their platforms.

And if Norquist makes it so, why shouldn't the Hill (Republican Majority House and Senate) follow?

Now, the Eagle flies West.

What role should RPLAC play?
What role should the CRP play?

The Gathering of the Clouds

California, and Los Angeles are the edge of the frontier and the beginning of the ocean.  Our Eagle lands on top of the Santa Monica Pier, where, looking East down Colorado Boulevard (and other parts of Santa Monica) sees a collection of new and old media.  Google and Yahoo are here; So is Bruckheimer films and MTV.

Old and New Media land in RPLAC's backyard and the CRP's.  They also have Silicon Valley to look after as well.

As I said before, Politics, that includes Governing, is about Power.  Use it to help your friends and hurt your foes.  

Thanks to modern technology, we can see how much the folks in the Hollywood Hills (Industry types) give to the GOP (either locally or nationally)....

View Larger Map

In 2010, the zip code 90046 gave 78% to Democrats and again, 78% for Democrats in the 2012 cycle.

Should RPLAC, CRP or the DC GOP support Hollywood philosophically when they won't even donate to our candidates?  Big fat NO.

In Silicon Valley, there are Venture Capitalists -- RPLAC and CAGOP must show them by backing us, we lead forward to the future.  Before we go to Silicon Valley for funds, RPLAC and CAGOP must put out a statement allowing the Hollywood types to invest in their local GOP. If we show the outreached hand, Hollywood will look the fools.  

If they refuse, northward we go! 

The Last Stage

This election season, there must be discussions here in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Sacramento and DC -- if we want Power, we must be unafraid of using it.  I wrote this using New technology and I still haven't gotten invited to an opening night screening yet (If you're nice to this Gothy Republican and his candidates, I might listen and help Hollywood's woes!) 

Silicon Valley wins!

My questions: Why should Republicans help Hollywood with their Copyright issues when they speak loudly against us?  and, Why are Republicans in Congress and the White House afraid of using their legal powers to attack Democratic allies? 

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  1. If the GOP in any way supports the SOPA or any similar legislation, they are throwing away their presence in the new media, because it will be used as a garotte to choke conservative voices off.


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