Monday, January 30, 2012

The Establishmentarian War, Year 3 (or why Mitt Romney is the last gasp of Country Club Republicans)

The Establishmenterians (Or Gov. Romney)
In 2008, the Republican Party sent out a Moderate Republican, Senator McCain to go against Liberal Democrat Senator Barack Obama.  All those who cried for a "Moderate Republican," saw fit to vote for Senator Obama not the Moderate Republican.

The history of the Republican party has two themes throughout when it comes to Leadership races:

I)  The "next in line," gets called up (i.e. Senator Dole, Senator McCain, Governor Romney); or

II) Regicide (this happens a lot among the Congressional Republicans -- ask Jerry Ford or Rep.Bob Michal or Speaker Gingrich).

Now, last Thursday, the Romney people continue to follow the Meg Whitman strategyGet other people to fight their battles and "destroy," the other Republicans in the race.

I'm originally a poor kid from Queens, New York (well, still semi broke in Los Angeles) and I know how to scrap (rhetorically, if the other person doesn't all around Hate [see sub plot of last year] the Right for existing, then I can find common ground).  We "local yokels," know how to push back.

There are many Republican activists who set up shop in the Third Street Promanande.  That people, is speaking "Truth to Power,"  Do any Republican Activists think Romney's people would ever set up shop on the Venice Boardwalk? 

The tides echo with laughter.

Meg Whitman's people never walked the Venice Boardwalk for votes, neither did Senator Mccain's.

The Establishmentarians (the Political Consultants and those who have TV and magazine Contracts, see Mike Murphy and Steve Schmidt), after 2008 threw everything they could (along with the Democrats) against Governor Palin.  The next year, they went after Chairman Steel of the RNC.

Where was Romney? (Anywhere Romney goes, put up a sign saying that)

Before you consider a vote for Romney, do you think he has your back if you are a local Republican?  Think twice.

And Rep. Ron Paul is searching for votes among Democrats to crash Republican caucuses.  Why doesn't Chairman Rence Preibus speak and tell the NRCC and NRSC to cancel funding both Paul's in Congress if he shows disloyalty?  (I am writing a Pollitical machine memo for RPLAC , stay tuned)

The Establishmentarians care not one whit about what Local Republicans need.**  After three years, it is time to fight.

Fighting the (Country Club) Power

The image of the Scrappy Fighter who came from Nowhere
There are two legitimate candidates in the Presidential race: Speaker Gingrich and Senator Santorum -- all the firepower unleashed on Gingrich meant those surrogates should have supported the Social Conservative and not the week kneed fighter (Romney), right?

I spoke RS McCain on Saturday night (I'm suffering from insomnia and he saw a Goth girl, thus, a late night conversation from Margaritaville to the Southland) talking about how The Establishmentarians have lost many elections (Rockefeller, Ford, Anderson, Dole, and McCain [twice] to name a few) yet try to make the local activists swallow their candidate.

Truth is, RS and I agreed with this with both of our candidates, better to go down fighting then compromising our beliefs. 

And if you want to blame the GOP for not working across the aisle, Progressives, take a look at yourselves, you threw out Senator Lieberman for working across the aisle with President George W. Bush,. Karma has bitten you folks in the backside. 

The California Republican Party and the RNC must learn this lesson: Never sacrifice beliefs for funds. 

Country Club Republicans, we need your funds, but if you must deal with us, back us.  Romney forgot to support Republicans when we are out of power, this is his Karma. 

If any Country Club Republican wants to run, start with City Council or State Assembly first.  Governor Christine Whitman (R-NJ) has the path you must take.  If you go all big on the first try, you will fail to win (Meg Whitman) or you will run from defending your proposals (Romney would have been a better candidate if he defended Romneycare for a second term in Massachssets).  As a scrapper, we don't need candidates like that.

My worry is if Romney buys the Primary, the General Election will be a repeat of the Governor Election in California 2010.  Thanks Meg Whitman and Maya Buki for screwing the locals and not funding RPLAC and CRP after you hurt us.

What makes America a great country is that anyone, I mean anyone, can run for office and win.  You do not need an Ivy degree or the right pedigree, just the knowledge of how Government works and allies in the Political field.

A Romney win in the Primaries would call that to question. (Democrats have not supported any non-Ivy for President since 1964).

Every County and State party should stand up and question the Country Club Republican leaders and ask them: What is your plan for winning? 

If there is none, look to your local scapppers (RPLAC need not worry, we got lots of scrappers).

Here is a video to get psyched: for the Primary season:

Muhammad Ali, Rumble in the Jungle Speech

My question: Why do the Country Club Republicans always lose Elections that they lead?

**Establishmentarians, please donate to the CRP and RPLAC. A decade long investment will bring 55 Electoral votes to our champion.

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