Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The White Hole of Romney's Wins

"So, what is it?"

In my sci-fi geekiness, I have only seen one Red Dwarf episode, and that was "White Hole,"

The "White Hole", episode trebled my geekiness factor because it dealt with Time Travel issues, intelligent (and not so intelligent) AI's and toast. 

"So, what is it?"

What does this epsiode have to do with Romney's wins in Iowa and New Hampshire?

Let's roll back and look at Romney's Iowa's numbers in 2008:

Mike Huckabee 40,84134%
Mitt Romney 29,94925%
Fred Thompson 15,90413%
John McCain 15,55913%
Ron Paul 11,81710%
Rudy Giuliani 4,0973%

Now, Iowa, 2012: 

Mitt Romney30,01524.6%
Rick Santorum30,00724.5%
Ron Paul26,21921.4%
Newt Gingrich16,25113.3%

After 4 years, after Iowa (and the rest of the Republicans) got to know Romney, he only gained 66 votes.

Now let's fly our TARDIS to New Hampshire 2008:

John McCain 88,46637%
Mitt Romney 75,34332%
Mike Huckabee 26,76811%
Rudy Giuliani 20,3959%
Ron Paul 18,3038%

And now, New Hampshire 2012:

Mitt Romney97,53239.3%
Ron Paul56,84822.9%
Jon Huntsman41,94516.9%
Newt Gingrich23,4119.4%
Rick Santorum23,3629.4%
Rick Perry1,7660.7%

New Hampshire is next door to MA, so by default, any local New Englander will get the votes. 

"So, what is it?" 

Romney's staff is Meg Whitman's staff.  Meg Whitman's strategy was to buy up the primary, but she had no clue how to fight in the general and California lost. 

I await the day that Romney visits RPLAC, the SFVRC or the Westside Republicans.  Hint: Whitman, in the primary, thought these organizations were unimportant, so will Romney.

If Romney cannot handle attacks from Speaker Gingrich on Bain Capital, how will handle 1% charges by President Obama? 

Romney has a habit of not defending Republicans that do not stand by him (i.e Governor Palin, Alaska 2009 and Chairman Steele 2010) -- if he wins, he will follow the Whitman routine.  Do we really need another Country Club Republican who cannot fight against the Left?  

Romney and Meg Whitman (L-R) Country Club Republicans

Senator McCain was a moderate republican, how much support from the media did he get?   Romney will fall into the same trap (as did Whitman). 

If Romney wins (and buys up) the Primary, President Obama wins a second term.  Do not doubt me.

"So what is it?"

History is repeating itself, with voters forgetting the causality of going "Electable," (Hint: Senator Kerry was considered "Electable," by Democrats in 2004) Let's not fall into this White Hole. 

My question: What can we "Local Yokels," and Bloggers do to stop the Romney juggernaut? .

"Someone punch him out!"

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