Monday, January 02, 2012

The Valley Endorses Speaker Gingrich and Governor Palin for 2012

On the eve of Iowa, I endorse for 2012 Speaker Gingrich and Governor Sarah Palin.

 If you are a reader of the Valley, you know I endorsed Governor Palin here (and asked people to write her name in here to stop Romney).

But reality intervened and I was asked to endorse those who are already on the ticket.

It was a matter of  cutting out those who can't from those who know and Speaker Gingrich can fight politically and work with the Congress since he was a long time member of that branch.

The last Speaker elected to the Presidency was Polk; Gingrich understands the political fight the Democrats and media have in store for the General (as does Palin) and he is an ideas guy who can bring America into the 21st Century. 

Now, here's why I came to Gingrich:

Gov. Gary Johnson: As a Social Libertarian, I was impressed with his background and views (and that he balanced budgets in his state).  But the moment he jumped to the Libertarian Party and endorsed Ron Paul. I had to decline my support. 

Rep. Ron Paul: He never Governed a State; He never led a Federal Agency.  His foreign policy is good for pre-World war II America and some of the Paulbots scare me.  So, bye-bye

Governor Perry: One Texas Governor a generation thank you. One state should not have a hold on the Presidency (the New Englenders time has come and gone as well).   Plus Governor Perry is a Social Conservative; It does not mix well with my Gothy instincts.

Rep Bachmann:  A fire breather in the House of Representatives and a Social Conservative; Not up my alley.

Senator Santorum: I met him at the SFVRC.  Nice guy, but another Social Conservative.  Not an executive or leader.

Governor Romney: The "Moderate," Establishment Choice.  Backed by Meg Whitman staff who cared not one whit about the "locals,"  Romney never defends any other Republican under fire; he never ran for re-election after Romneycare.  NO.  HELL NO.

Herman Cain: Dropped out before I could make the choice.

And here are my reasons for Speaker Gingrich:

1)   Since he was a Speaker, he knows the different Congressional Districts to fight in.  He is smart enough to understand that by flipping Los Angeles (with funds and supporters), there are 55 Electoral votes.  And if you read the Ambition and the Power; Gingrich understands the media.

2) Speaker Gingrich knows from his time in DC, the best people to hire. No one hired by the Speaker ever sold him out.  He has core ideas and ideals and he is willing to fight for them. The best Presidents don't follow polls, they follow ideals.

3) Good economy in the 90's? Thank your Republican Congress that Clinton signed the Bills to make it go. 

The Valley approves this message.

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