Saturday, January 21, 2012

Doctor Who -- Creature from the Pit

Saturday night and its time for another Doctor Who episode!

This episode is called Creature from the Pit, a story about Diplomacy, Metal and Thieves.

While I know Speaker Gingrich won South Carolina, I will discuss it in more detail tomorrow night. (Tonight, I'm busy at Kinko's on Wilshire importing my CD collection into iTunes).

Here are some posts to look forward to this week:

1) Democrats and the Land of 1,000 Dances;

2) This one inspired by my friend Jason Buckley:
  Who are "the People?"  Who decides for "the People?"  Expect KPFK references as well;

3) Florida, Florida, Florida and the 2012 GOP Primary;

4) Los Angeles and the Democratic Party Mafia;

and finally,

5)  Something unexpected -- even I don't what I will write here!

Now enjoy, Creature from the Pit!

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