Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt Rises, Romney Falls and Paul is 0 -3 -- The Message of South Carolina

Speaker Gingrich's Victory Speech(SC 2012)

In Republican Presidential Primaries, South Carolina is the firewall that separates the "Real," candidates from the posers.  Santorum, Romney and Gingrich are real -- Paul and his advocates could not win in a military, Conservative state.  Time for him to go.

There are many messages coming from the Left on "why," Gingrich won.  Those ideas harken back to Fort Sumter and forget that Martain Luther King existed.  For a smart party, the Left can be pretty stupid.  (Keep reading, I will write about this subject this week).

No, Speaker Gingrich's win comes down to one thing, this video:

Speaker Gingrich v. John King

And here is how History repeats (as it were):

Governor Reagan, 1980, "I paid for this Microphone!"

Paul has not won Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina.  Santorum has Iowa, Romney, New Hampshire and Gingrich, South Carolina. And Florida is closed, REPUBLICAN Primary and Paul has absconded.  Hmmm.....

And if Gingrich moves ahead, he is not a Social Conservative, that makes things interesting.

My question: Who do you like and why?

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