Thursday, January 26, 2012

America: The Land of 1,000 Dances v. Democrats who only want ONE Dance

I am not going to deal with President Obama's SOTU 2012 -- this video does it here:

President Obama SOTU: 2011 v. 2012 -- The Same Speech


Let's get into the meat of this post.  Hear this tune:

Wilson Pickett, Land of a Thousand Dances (Live, 1970)

And let's read the lyrics:

One, two, three!
One, two, three!
You gotta know how to pony like Bony Maronie
Mashed Potato, do the Alligator
Put your hands on your hips, let your back-bone slip
Do the Watusi, like my little Lucy
Na, na na na na, na na na na, na na na, na na na, na na na na.
Need somebody to help me say it one time
Na, na na na na, na na na na, na na na, na na na, na na na na.
You know I feel alright.
Feel pretty good y'all.

Na, na na na na, na na na na, na na na, na na na, na na na na.
Need somebody to help me say it one time
Na, na na na na, na na na na, na na na, na na na, na na na na.
Dance with me honey, like Long Tall Sally
Twistin' with Lucy, doin the Watusi
Gotta hold of your back, I like it like that
Do the Jerk, watch me work
Ah, do it!

The song has 16 dances, and America is that Land of 1,000 Dances.  What do I mean?

In this day and age, there are different types of music (and I listen to most of them) and people around the country go for different stuff.  Some people like Country-western, others Rap and Hip-Hop, there is Pop and Blues, jazz and swing (and my personal favorite Swing Goth) and finally Goth music.  

What country offers so much diversity in music?  

We on the Right (Tea Partiers, Social Libertarians and Old School Republicans [but not Paul Supporters]) believe in the quality of the individual.  Look, the candidate I support for President this year, Speaker Gingrich, has enough social baggage to make social issues a non-starter in his administration.  And the House Republicans under his watch did not push the Social angle. 

Nor did Speaker Hastart.

Now, the Democrats and the Progressives claim to be in favor of Free Speech; They claim to be Open Minded and they claim to support "the People," (more on this one in another post) -- but the Truth is much scarier.

In the Land of 1,000 Dances, Democrats only want you to dance ONE dance.  Republicans believe every American can dance whatever they want. 

First, some examples of Democrats and free Speech: 

1. Code Pink interrupting Gov. Palin's Convention Speech;

2. Columbia University Young Democrats Block Minutemen from Speaking;

3. Steve Benen wanting to silence Senator McCain on television; 

3A) No Conservative is allowed to comment at the Washington Monthly. and

4)   Democrats Prosecute their opponents (Nixon, Palin, Walker, etc)

Today's Democrats have turned into John Lithgow of Footloose.

How can you claim to be open minded when you Hate other Americans whose views differ? (I had to deal with that last year from a friend who betrayed me)

I can read Liberal Blogs and magazines and not feel that they must be silenced or shat upon for different views. Liberals reading (or hearing) other views think they must be silenced if they do not conform with their vision. Read any Liberal Blog and find CUND Gulag  (who uses the "c" word for women and the "n" word for everyone of that shade)  Hatred of other Americans and does not believe in debate.  A Praetorian Guard of the Left Blogs whose Hatred trumps open mindedness wherever he goes.

If a  Liberal is open minded, then we can hear them defend the free speech rights of Dana Loesch, Rush Limbaugh and the like? Right?  

[Cue crickets]

And with President Obama in office for four years (the first two with a majority Democratic Congress), you'd think they'd take responsibility for not passing a budget in 1,000 days or high unemployment.

No, the mantra of the Closed minded Liberal is: Blame Bush.  

Liberals want to silence other views and they only want one dance: Theirs.

For 2012, this must move to the forefront: Why be locked down to one dance when Americans dance multiple ways?

Liberals believe Government can save us all and business' are suspect.  And if you don't follow their tune, they call you racist, stupid, evil or any matter of things they would not call themselves.  Its a way of stopping debate, not opening up to other voices.And heck, they believe in conspiracies and code words.  And they're the smart folks? The modern Liberal shares a lot of quality beliefs with Paulbots. 

If you look at the "Party of the People," their leadership remains in power 20 years after their time, and are all Ivy leaguers. 

So, thus, if you are a Liberal without an Ivy degree, you cannot move up within the Party.  Speaker Gingrich is not an Ivy and he has a good shot at the Presidency.  Governor Palin had no Ivy and she was also considered.

The last non-Ivy Democrat elected to the Presidency was in 1965.  The last non-Ivy the Republicans elected was in 1984.  Which is the party of the people again?

And Democrats want to control your life; Most Republicans belong to the "leave us alone," coalition (that includes you too, whatever color, creed or music you like)

My question: Will Democrats allow you to dance whatever you want? Or will they continue to silence the opposition? 

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