Thursday, July 07, 2011

To Craig Huey and the rest of the CA-36 Crew: Don't forget what Han Solo said!

This past weekend, I finally met Craig Huey and I was very impressed with him.   He will make a good Congressman for the South Bay region.

Now, while there is great news that Councilwoman Hahn (sister to losing Mayor James Hahn) has a lack of funds and is caught with giving funds to Gang leaders, let's not forget a few things:

1) RPLAC has arranged a walk and call for this weekend for Mr. Huey, show up and be counted.

2)  Just because Councilwoman Hahn is down, remember the words from Han Solo:

Kudos to Film Ladd and the Other McCain for following up on this.

One more weekend to go!

And on a side note, I will be giving a speech to the Westside Republicans (and possibly the SFVRC) this fall.  The Huey race will help determine my speech. 

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