Monday, July 11, 2011

Who to Blame for "Carmageddon," on the 405

The City of Angels is connected by streets and Freeways.

If you want to head into the Valley, take the 101 (or Pasadena, the 134); If you want to head west to east (or vice versa), take the 10. 

And cutting Los Angeles is the 405.  Next to the 405 is Sepulveda Boulevard. 

But next weekend, it doesn't matter what road you take because............................

Carmaggedon is coming! 
Carmaggedon is coming! 
Carmaggedon is Coming! 

And the 10 to Ventura Boulevard will be shut down.

Who can we blame for shutting down the 405?

1)  Los Angeles Mayor and City Council -- They don't care about the general public or local business' -- so if they have to shut off the beaches from the general public (and all the tourists who are based all over town), THEY DON'T CARE.

2) Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce -- They have never stood up to the City Council or Mayor over decisions such as this.

And finally, the true villain of the piece:

Judge Doom, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Here is an old map of the Red Line (which I saw at Iliad Bookstore in North Hollywood):

Red Line trolley in Early Los Angeles
I am staying off the roads (and the Westside) next weekend. 

My question: What is the worst LA Traffic have you been in?

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