Friday, July 01, 2011

July 2011 Tip Jar (With Rule 5 Goth Goodness!)

It's that time again, I need to raise $300 on my Tip Jar.  Any support would be most helpful. 

For you non-Bloggers, what is Rule 5?

It is shameless plugging of cheesecake on the Blog post to get hits.  (Coined by RS McCain). So, if Little Miss Attila can do it, so can I.....

And since I'm the ONLY Californian Conservative Republican, Social Libertarian, Jewish, Goth Blogger (TM), I will show you some muses from the Goth world because I can. 

Don't forget, HIT THE TIP JAR.

Now, the muses of the dark:

Kat Von D in Inked magazine

Tonight we start off with Kat Von D.  If you have not seen LA Ink, watch her show.  She is truly worthy of being a muse.

And one more picture:

I hoped you enjoyed my first venture into Rule 5 territory, now don't forget:


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