Saturday, July 30, 2011

Doctor Who -- The Ribos Operation

It's Saturday night and it's all right!  Time for another Doctor Who night.

While the debt ceiling debate in on hold (even though Speaker Boehner passed 3 bills, Senator Reid refuses to go to Conference Committee -- guess what: It ain't the GOP's fault if Reid won't go to Conference.  More on this on Sunday or Monday), I'm going Gothing tonight at Resurrection.  Fitting title.

After the debt debate is over, I will return to the Long GOP Majority series.  Here's a hint: the old paradigm  from 1930 -1994 is long gone.

On Wednesday, I thought I would have no way to work at the California Republican Party; On Thursday, another door opened.  I will give more details as it gets closer. And finally, this week, I shall finish up the Malibu Fundraiser idea.

Now, let's join the Doctor and the Ribos Operation.  This is a first in a six part series as the Doctor (and Time Lord Romana) search for the Key to Time.

Confused? Don't be!

Watch the Ribos Operation and enjoy!  (Also note how Garron is like Harry Mudd of Star Trek)

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