Monday, July 25, 2011

It's not 11 Dimensional Chess -- It's Fizzbin!

First let's hear both speeches.

This is President Obama (transcript):

And now, Speaker Boehner (Transcript):

Now, what does this mean?

It is all about Republican House is cleaning up the mess of the previous Democratic Congress'.

To forestall a debt ceiling debate, the Congress needed to pass Appropriations Bills, not Continuing Resolutions 
FY2007 (Dem Congress)
FY2008  (Dem  Congress)
FY2009  (Dem Congress + White House)
FY2010 (Dem Congress + White House)
FY2011 (Dem Congress + White House)
FY2012 (Rep House + Dem Senate + White House) 

And here is what Senator Obama (D-IL) said about raising the debt limit in March 2006:


-- Senator Obama (D-IL, March 16, 2006, FY2007)

So, was he lying then or is he lying now?

From many President Obama boosters, I keep hearing how he is playing "11 Dimensional Chess," which is a drugged out version of 3 Dimensional chess played on the USS Enterprise by Captain Kirk and Mr Spock:

Kirk and Spock playing Three (3) Dimensional Chess

Speaker Boehner and the tea party have already laid their cards upon the table.  The Republicans want lower taxes and less debt.  The tea party groups all wanted less Government intervention.  Just like Senator Obama in 2006!

It seems while the Republicans are playing (one level) Chess, President Obama is playing Fizzbin.

Fizzbin?  What is Fizzbin?!

In the episode where the Enterprise crew is on Sigma Iota II [on an episode called "A Piece of the Action,"], a world based on Chicago mobsters (my, my, they did predict the future), Kirk tried to fool his captors with a made up card game.  Here is Kirk:

The House passed "Cut Cap and Balance," as a way of fixing the debt crisis.  The Senate has yet to go to Conference with the House bill.  Instead of asking Speaker Boehner, President Obama should ask where Senate Leader Reid has been!

If President Obama supports higher taxes and more spending, tell the public exact places this should be.  He doesn't have to ask anything of the GOP or tea partiers, he needs to find his missing Senate Majority Leader. 

Senator Reid is probably playing Fizzbin too, somewhere in the Capitol.

And as far as 11 dimensional chess? If the public was behind President Obama, he would not be raising funds for 2012 NOW. The public supports a leader, President Obama is not leading.

My question: Where is Senator Reid (D-NV)? And what taxes and spending does President Obama want?

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