Wednesday, July 06, 2011

KPFK to Israel: Drop Dead!

As someone who is involved in the battle of ideas, listening to Pacifica radio is like reading the American Prospect: It is a very deranged mirror. 

Earlier this year, I listened to Alan Minsky's (KPFK's Program Director) Building a Powerful Left.

Ironically, his own station undermines his thesis.

Let's start with some of the morning radio program that Minsky promotes:

First, there is Democracy Now! (which doesn't support Democracies overseas). 

How many times do they err on the side of Palestinians attacking Israel?

Then comes Connect the Dots and Sojourner Truth:

Again, defeating Minsky's thesis by attacking Israel every Monday. And for the rest of the week, Margaret Prescod supports left Wing Dictators and hating on Israel.

And before the morning's out, Sonali Kolhatkher attacks Israel's right to exist daily on her show. 

Politics is about building coalitions  -- How many Jews live in the Los Angeles basin? 

In the US, LA is the second biggest population of Jews (Fourth largest in the world). 

All a Conservative Republican activist has to do is continue to show the daily attacks on Israel by a local Left Wing station, how soon will the vote swing in this city?

Hello Los Angeles! 

My question: What is the basis of Left Wing hate against the ONLY Jewish State in the world?

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