Sunday, July 24, 2011

Politicizing the Newly Dead -- Stop it!

I will discuss the Oslo massacre after Monday. This post is about a dark trend that should end.

Time: Tomorrow or any day until 2012.

The Setting: An attack on innocents by a crazy person.

Do you know what comes next?

Usually an immediate attack on the Right by the Left drooling over a way to prove another form of the "Tarkin Doctrine,"  Michelle Malkin has seen the script and knows it, just like I do. And now, Ms Malkin:

"In the muddled liberal mind, there is no difference between how Democrats behaved during and after the Arizona/Giffords shooting (and umpteenth other cases to be noted in a moment) versus how bloggers covered breaking news of the Norway massacre.

"Let me patiently explain.

"In the Giffords shooting, the Binghamton NY immigration cemter shooting, the Kentucky Census worker death/insurance hoax, Amy Bishop campus shooting spree, and Rep. Russ Carnahan bombing, and Faisal Shahzad Times Square bombing attempt (Follow this LINK), among others liberal politicians and activists specifically libeled individual talk show hosts, Fox News, bloggers, and Tea Party activists as murderers. They went after the peaceful political free speech of their enemies and criminalized their policy positions without an iota of proof that such speech had any influence or impact on the real perpetrators of the crime. Even after the suspects were shown to have psychiatric problems, undecipherable political views, or views anathema to the conservative public officials and public figures bearing undue blame, leftist exploiters clung to their tar brushes.

"In the Norway massacre, I illuminated explicit death threats and plots by specific jihadi individuals and organizations. It is the Left’s position that these explicitly homicidal signs and realities should be ignored in the immediate aftermath of a terror spree, but that every bullseye image and innocuous reference to “sticking to your guns” is an incitement to murder.

"As always, moments like these are truly clarifying." 
I deal with Mental health issues daily (and have even lived through State Government indifference to it -- so much for that meme) and there are different levels of madness in the world.  When an individual picks up a weapon to shoot a modern political figure, there is no rhyme or reason behind it. 


When President Bush fils was dealing with Iraq and Afghanistan, there was a contingent of the Left (Some of whom reside at both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue) that never gave the former Presidenr any support.  Either 9/11 never really happened (Hello KPFK!) or "The War on Terror," was not real (Hello war protesters!) or Bush fils was taking away everyones rights so support the attacks on him rather then support Wilsonianism overseas (Hello Glenn Greenwald!).

Anger is like a demon called up; Even after the Left won a large majority in Congress and the White House, they were still angry, still ready to find an Emmanuel Goldstein. 

I say, "Enough," 

Heck, I'm still waiting for those who chastised Bush fils for something to hold President Obama to the same measure.  Not happening, so I tend not believe almost any Democratic partisan.

Here is my rule for us Bloggers, politicos and Partisans:

When any crazy person shoots up a political crowd, everyone waits until the bodies are in the ground before making accusations.  Period.  

Certain levels of crazy cannot be debated, talked to or converted.  (And the left perfecting the meme that the Right is "acting," crazy is not helping Political discourse or anyone dealing with REAL Mental health issues. Thank you Steve Benen.How about we make sure Politicians and partisans are protected whatever views they espouse? 

I can live with that, can you?

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