Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fixing Modern Journalism in a Few Easy Steps

First off: I will damn Rupert Murdoch if those in the press will damn the New York Times for the multiple attacks of leaks on the last American Administration, 

I expect to hear crickets. 

Now, Modern Journalism (Print and broadcast) seems to be an issue from The Economist to Columbia Journalism Review.  

Stop the presses! Stop the presses! 

I have the answer.  I studied Journalism back in school and also a little at UCLA, and as a Blogger and representative from the new media, I can help.  (And as an active partisan, I can see the flaws)

Rule #1:  Fox News viewers feel disrespected by other major newspapers and Broadcast Stations; partisans are always well read on current events -- if you don't make them feel at home on your platform, they will remain with talk radio and Fox News.

Rule #2:  Every reporter should acknowledge their partisanship and stick with their own political tribe.  I literally gag when I read GQ and Esquire magazines -- they know nothing of Conservatives and Republicans.  They should own up to it (and the New York Times should acknowledge it is the in-house paper for Democrats. No endorsing of any Republican since 1956 -- Someone should investigate that). And every magazine and newspaper that wants to interview partisans? Hire Bloggers that know the territory.

Rule #3: If everyone in the Sprawl is thinking and writing the same thing (XXXX Republican is Crazy/Evil is the usual story); Be brave and publish the contrary.  This will never happen, that requires speaking Truth to Power even when Democrats are in the Oval Office.

Rule #4: No matter how much a partisan you and your platform are, be wary of those in power feeding you stories.  Unless of course, every platform acknowledges its Partisanship and allows it for one and all.  I have not seen truth to Power by the press in the Obama Administration. Bo-ring!

Rule #5: CJR should fire Victor Navasky for fundraisng  on Nation Magazine cruises.  And no reporter who is an undeclared partisan should fund raise for any candidate or party.  If a reporter acknowledges their biases, then go ahead. Transparency or nothing.

Rule #6:  Every Republican candidate should be wary of the Modern press.  To them, every democratic nominee is Senator John F. Kennedy and every Republican is Richard Nixon (during Watergate).  Either the media changes or we on the Right must treat the media as another group of Lobbyists. 

And finally,

Rule #7: Members of the Press do not represent the public, their elected officials do.  The media is the Fourth Estate; Respect the public and work with them.  Be Provincial before acting national.  The reporter who treats local Politicos and candidates well will be remembered in the climb up. 

My question: What other rules should the Modern media follow?

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