Saturday, July 31, 2010

Doctor Who -- Pyramids of Mars

Tonight, a Doctor Who steampunk/mummy episode!

Before I get into the video, first news of the Southland Fundraiser.  The pre-project is done.  Now, waiting for the second conference call to figure out when I begin.  (cross fingers, say prayers). 

Also, I would like to note the prominence of Trinities in my life (I am the silent third):

Right now, I want to thank my Mom and Sis for helping me during this time.  The family trinity.

My closest friends out here are Ron and Lynne. Good people to know.

There are two mentors on Capitol Hill, Karv and Todd.  They are a good lighthouse towards my goals 

And on the Southland Fundraiser, there are multiple layers of three:

1) Gary Aminoff and Robert Stacy Mc Cain are the men who will bring the activists and bloggers to the Southland Fundraiser.
2) Ryan Panzerello and Maya Buki, if they say yes, I begin; and finally,
3) The LAGOP and CAGOP are those being promoted by the project.

Without a strong closeness of friends and family, no one can move forward for their dreams.  As I say, "You can't fight City Hall -- ALONE," Thank G-d for the social networking tools or I would never have gotten this far. 

Now, let's enjoy the show. 

Pyramids of Mars is a Steampunk story with Sutekh as a former G-d who wants to take over the world.  The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith try to save the world. 

Without further ado, enjoy Pyramids of Mars!

Topic of conversation tonight: Treating those whose philosophies differ, humanely.  Can you do it? Why or why not?

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