Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who will stand up for the TLA's? (Or Spy Agencies, for the Layperson)

Since Summer 2010 started, false fronts have been exposed: The Journolist, the NAACP and the corruption within the Democratic House of Representatives. 

But sometimes you need the false fronts.

The last chapter of Sun Tzu's Art of War discusses the uses of spies and their importance to the State.  Lincoln, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower and JFK knew the importance of the spies in the Governmental machine.  Since the Church Commission in the 70's,  the Democrats (and their friends in Hollywood) have always used the TLA's as boogieman. 

During the 90's, when the Iraqi's could have used the human intelligence Agents [HUMINT] to help re-build Democracy Institutions, President Clinton cut them from the budget. (Thats why when someone asks, shouldn't the Iraqi's have gotten democracy themselves? I roll my eyes.  Re-read the story of Exodus [Biblical version] if you want the model of freeing people from a dictator). 

And Senator Toricelli (D-NJ) added the "Toricelli Principle," whereby HUMINT cannot deal with sleazier characters (which would have left out Senator Toricelli) in antagonist or failed states, tied the Agents hands. 
Now, with the Wikileaks of the Afghanistan war and Washington Post's expose of the TLA's brings to mind, an earlier question I asked on this Blog. 

Cui Bono? Who gains?

Senator Obama did not like the TLA's, President Obama and Speaker Pelosi did not like the TLA's.  They gain b politically by tying the HUMINT's hands. Not only are the HUMINT's silenced, but Military intelligence (MI) too.   

If I were in the TLA's, I would be going to war against this Administration and this Congress.  Is there any paper that President Obama got as a warning of more attacks? Is there any proof of the Democrats abusing their power against the TLA's? 

Leak them.  Not in Wikileaks, but to the GOP candidates and future 2012 nominees (there is only one). 

My earlier question still needs to be answered: As an Agent, do you feel the Obama Administration or the Bush II Administration were behind you? Why or why not? 
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