Friday, July 30, 2010

Winning in Los Angeles (Mid Summer edition)

First some notes:

If you want to read up on which political party supports those who work in the dark (spies), click here.  As a Goth who dances in the dark, I recognize comrades in arms.

My take on the Republican primary election will be done before Labor day to help give a sense of which races are worth watching. 

And finally, I have some finishing work to do on the pre-project tomorrow and this weekend, so I will be brief on the 'net this weekend.  I should be working on the Southland Fundraiser within the week.

Now, if you're a candidate (and a friend like Merlin Froyd, Mark Reed and Terry Rathbun for instance), Los Angeles is heating up this summer and is prime for the plucking.  So, before we get to winning in LA, here's a cool 80's song you get in the mood:

There are three issues you can walk around and campaign on, hitting the same (Democratic) target every time.  Ready? Let's win in LA!

Issue One) The City of Bell is run by Democrats, how many Bells are in Los Angeles? Do you know how much the Los Angeles City Council makes? or the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors? How about the LAUSD board? And of course, the LA DWP? In this time of economic havoc for everyone, how much do these Democrats make? Those monies can be given back to Los Angeles, and will help with....

Issue Two)  The Teamsters nearly threatened a strike that would have shut down the Industry on August 1.  Luckily, they changed their minds.  However, the teamsters own the LA Democrats lock, stock and barrel.  Ask those in the Industry, can they afford a shutdown NOW?  Yea or nay? Next year, most film and TV unions will work together to get better wages, support their cause, and we get their votes.  This is not rocket science. 

Issue Three) The 405/Sunset Blvd. shutdown for three years.  The only way people from the Westside can get to the rest of the city is by the 405 or Sepulveda.  By shutting down this major thoroughfare for three years shows that the current Democratic Mayor and LA DOT does not care about the public.  How many other places in LA are being shut off from other parts by the idiocy of our Mayor? 

This is July's lesson, be ready for more next month.  Also, be ready for the Southland Fundraiser. 

My question: What other issues can help our great Los Angeles GOP candidates win?

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