Saturday, July 03, 2010

Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen and The Eleventh Hour

It's July 4th weekend! I'm going to do a post tomorrow celebrating the holiday.

Tonight, if you are reading the Valley, here is something to enjoy:

TWO (yes, 2) Doctor Who episodes.  One episode will conclude the first season of the Fourth Doctor; The other is this seasons opening with Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor.  Seriousness and humor in two episodes.

In other news, the Southland Fundraiser is being dealt with by Ryan Panzerello at the CAGOP (with an eye on him by Chairman Nehring) and Mr. Darius Ameri of Meg Whitman's Los Angeles team.  Add in Robert Stacy McCain and Gary Aminoff and there is a lot of serious people making sure it gets off the ground.

I'm ready to start, I just await the news.

And next week, the first Los Angeles Internet moneybomb for a candidate.  Stay tuned.

Enjoy your Saturday night double feature, first with Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen.  Old foes back in Station Nerva.  And what are Cybermen?  Human-machine hybrids that are verrry dangerous.

And then, see Matt Smith take the role of the Doctor into a new place.  Look for the "Who da' man?" sceneStephen Moffett has the right idea in "The Eleventh Hour," Laugh riot.  (This one is for my Mom and Sis who heard me do a Matt Smith imitation.)

Enjoy the double feature!

Now, kick back and enjoy "The Eleventh Hour,"

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