Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Move WITHIN Los Angeles (thus First Post)

Sorry for dropping off there (I hope you hit my Tipjar when I was gone)
There is news on two fronts, the Southland Fundraiser and the next few posts (probably written tomorrow and thereafter).
First, I moved to the Miracle Mile (temporary jump) area of Los Angeles. 

During the 80's, I geeked out over a young Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham falling in love and trying to stay together before the End of the World (all due to a mislaid Pay phone call on Wilshire).  Here is the trailer:

Now, the Southland Fundraiser.  There is a trinity of young activists (including me) who are working on this.  I'm going to hold my cards close here, but I have an assignment to do before it gets sold upriver to the BOLD NAME figures [i.e. You have read their name in the Newspapers].

The project is simple, find out who are the LA and OC Right political Bloggers (calling on RS McCain's knowledge on this), and then crunching some numbers and posts for a specific week.  (The week will be determined in the AM, the computer just woke up tonight). Write a report on who's who and what their numbers were. 

The Southland Fundraiser is on the 1st and 10, 15 yards to the goal. Now would be a good time to say a prayer.

The next few posts upcoming are:

1) The "so-called" Russia Spy scandal;

2) The NAACP's ignorance of their fellow Americans; and

3) How the movie Southland Tales is coming true to life. 

That's it.  I'm catching up on multiple emails and other things tonight.  Let's end with a song by Dead can Dance.  This song always brings me onto the dance floor at Ruin:

Free for all in the comments!
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