Thursday, July 22, 2010

To Ezra Klein: Partisans Play on the Political Field, not Reporters

Ezra Klein is an idiot.  I don't care what school he went to or how he supposedly understands policy writing for the Washington Post.  He doesn't understand a few rules of Political life.  
And he will probably end up in jail after 2013 because of his failures. One word: RICO. (But I did warn him here, here and here) 
Now, let me write this Ezra Klein in simple language because he continues to thread a needle that is long past fallen.  
Partisans are on the political field to convince voters to support their candidate or issue.  They can use whatever means possible, whether by use of Bloggers (not "Journalists"), speeches, or debates on or off the Hill. 
Partisans raise funds (see above and reference "Southland Fundraiser") and defend candidates.  Occasionally, they have a throwdown with a partisan of the other side and try to get him or her off the Political board.
Now what do reporters or journalists do on the Political field?
They report what people of both parties do.  Reporters listen to speeches and quote them.  They make the inaccessible, accessible to those who don't partake of the Political field annually. 
Reporters do not set "narratives," or put their weight on the scales during Election season.  Look at Rathergate to see when that happens. 
Now, I hear you yell, what about Andrew Breitbart?  Simple.  He is a partisan copying your role.  Ezra Klein opened the door with the Journolist, now Breitbart is the whirwind of that effect. 
If I was Ezra Klein, I would leave the political stage quickly.  We on the Right are ready to go after every Journolister come next January.  And again after 1/20/13.  Ezra Klein can write about food and cooking, jail time awaits him if he remains on the Political stage. 
Now, I am a partisan.  I am helping my people in Los Angeles, including candidates, activists and Bloggers.  It's my right.  Partisans set the tune, reporters just write down the notes.  When reporters jump to the other side of the field, people get hurt.  Like Shirley Sherrod.  (By the way, has Anderson Cooper tripped over himself defending a Conservative? NO)
My question: When will Ezra Klein go to jail? 
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