Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Multiple Blowbacks

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Yesterday was the type of  News day that caused a lot of Political bloggers (especially from the Left side of the blogosphere) to forget how the story started.

First, revelations in the Daily Caller about how the JournoListers tried to influence the news narrative about Revrend Wright.   (And even more this morning) As I said before (here and here), Ezra Klein better lawyer up soon. It is not the journalists job to create any "narrative,' during any election season, it is the partisans job.  All the journalist (and opinion ones as well) has to do is report the facts.  In a two party system, know people in both parties to confirm rumors or heresay.  I'm not talking technological singularity here, I'm talking social networking.

Even on my facebook, I have partisans on both sides to see and understand what they have to say.  If a lowly Blogger in Los Angeles can do it, why can't ivy educated reporters do it?      

Now let's talk about the BIG blowback news story: Shirley Sherrod, Andrew Breitbart and the NAACP.

If the NAACP or NOW had ever picked up the phone to support or understand the Tea partiers, Conservatives or Republicans, Shirley Sherrod  would not have lost her job and the Left would be looking for another head on the pike. 

Again, it's all about social networking. 

In return, Andrew Breitbart put the NAACP and the Obama adminsitration in an untenable position.  After both groups fired Brown, then the rest of tape came out, and both looked foolish.  Score one for Breitbart.

I repeat again: since July 3, 2009, we folks on the Right are playing by "Chicago Rules," the same stuff that was done to Bush, Cheney, McCain and Palin.  Our moderates have no power, the country club Republicans are standing aside, we are playing by the same rules the Left set up.

Turns out they don't like it. 

How to stop the Blowbacks?

Simple, I have yet to meat a partisan Democrat in office or on TV try to treat their oppenents like Americans who disagree.  We on the Right are from Hell itself according to MSNBC and the MSM.  All these Democrats have to do is play by the Golden Rule.  Is that hard?  Apparantly so.

My question: Will the NAACP ever pick up the phone when the Repubklicans are the majority on Capitol Hill next year?  
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