Saturday, July 17, 2010

Doctor Who -- Terror of the Zygons

Did you know it's hot in Los Angeles?  Very, very, hot.  Sweltering skin melting hot. 

Now that the Sun is going down, let's go back to Doctor Who Features in the Valley!

If you see me Blogging lightly this week, it is because I'm working on a pre-project for the Southland Fundraiser.  My phone and computer will be very busy. Once I get it done, the numbers crunched go all the way to the top.  Say a prayer if you got them

This is Terror of the Zygon's, the Brigadier's last episode until the Fifth Doctor, and Harry Sullivan also leaves the TARDIS.  Harry Sullivan (one of my favorite Old Who companions) leaves too. And if you were melting today, enjoy this episode that deals with a sea based race, and a famous being from Scotland.

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