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Bloggers vs. Establishment GOP or Bloggers as Establishment GOP (CAGOP first!)

The guy whom I call the Elvis of the Right Blogosphere, Dan Riehl has been discussing on his Blog about the roles of Bloggers and the Role of the RNC with the Bloggers.  It starts with this post
And I quote:
A big part of my thinking in coming to DC was to try and help to create a synergy between the Right on-line and the establishment GOP. I had hoped to forestall anything like an insurgency from the Right by finding common ground. What I didn't realize is that today's GOP is interested in no such thing. It can't hear anyone outside the Beltway echo chamber and isn't interested in listening to them even if they could.

And I don't believe today's Beltway entrenched GOP is going to bring about the kind of change America needs. The leadership is weak, wasteful, misguided and out of sync with the people. The signs are all there, from Dede Scozzafava, to Charlie Crist - and worse

To which I reply, as someone who knows the Capitol Hill and worked in the basement of the Republican National Committee [RNC], the game is not played from National figure to national figure, but (something I should have known in 96 and 98), from locality to National.  Power in DC does not emanate from the Beltway, but from the towns and cities back home.
As someone active in the LA Goth scene (and LA GOP Political scene), there are comparisons to be made.  The club I frequent nowadays is RUIN (on Saturday nights), dropping Bar Sinister from the places I go.  I discussed the difference between the two hereI dropped Bar Sin because it lost some of their original crew, and they catered more to the tourists (to the scene and those to Los Angeles), then RUIN or Malediction.  Another club on Fridays also caters to the 18 and over crowd on Pico called Das Bunker, but only Goths show up, again no tourists. 
What does that mean for Bloggers and Establishment GOP? 
We Bloggers are those who can say to the public what is good and bad about our candidates, the issues and how to win.  Which club is better and why is the general tone of what we do.
On July 4th, my ex, Toni, and I went to a major shindig with Los Angeles County.  The host did not really get the new media, but major figures within LA County do (and see the potential of the Southland Fundraiser/Great Right Wing Hollywood Blogger Meet Up). Since last year, I have been dealing (along with Robert Stacy McCain and Gary Aminoff, first VP of LAGOP) with the California Republican party about putting on the event. 
Every person, at every level I have interviewed with, likes the concept of putting Bloggers (as credentialed reporters) with candidates and activists (or Sun Tzu's Ordinary forces + extraordinary forces).  I am planning to meet Chairman Nehring before this month is out.  I am dealing with Mr. Ryan Panzerello, deputy Political director to help glide me down that path. 
How does a simple Blogger with a plan end up meeting and influencing the Establishment GOP (within California)?
Before we answer that question, let's see what Dan wrote later:
Herein lies the dirty little secret of why the GOP is slow to actually empower the grassroots and conservative movement. It's also why, in some measure, we can no longer rely on the so called Beltway conservative establishment. Just like Republicans, they've come to rely on corporate money, allowing them to drive a large part of their agenda.

Republicans On Energy: More Pro-Business Than Pro-Market.

The grassroots and conservative movement are genuine free marketers and capitalists. The beltway establishment, GOP and otherwise, is corporatist. This is also one reason why you have so called Reagan Democrats. There are other factors, too. But as long as Republicans so often side with corporations over the working man and small businesses to some extent, Right-leaning more people-powered movements will distrust them. And it is all about the money for the GOP in the end.

Relying on the Beltway folks to change their spots is like waiting for Woodward and Bernsteins to show up in major papers during Democratic administrations. Hint: They won't, unless pushed from outside.  It is why the Tea Party movement is changing the debate on the Hill and in campaigns, they are everywhere

Now, back to the question.

My late father was a salesman, and he always believed in two things:

1) Always start where you stand; and
2) Bring something to the table. 

Party structures (and candidates) are always looking for funds and publicity  Without the first, they cannot focus on the second. The Southland Fundraiser brings both funds and publicity together.  But because Establishment is always wary of trying new things (remember, I've been pushing this since last November), the Tea Partiers and Bloggers remain on the outside looking in. 

The concept of Not Invented Here is not just a corporate term, but can been seen in the Political Sphere too. Because I came from an established club (The San Fernando Valley Republican Club) and had a mentor/sponsor of the idea (Politics still works Old School), I managed to break through. 

I started where I stood.  The San Fernando Valley is my home, so is Los Angeles.  After I wrote the California Encyclicals, Gary Aminoff found me

What every Blogger should do, is get to know their local GOP clubs and Central Committees, and if time and distance permits, their County clubs too.  Don't just figure in publicity, but figure out other ways to expand your club (or committee's) reach.  Funds matter.  Knowing your County history and voting numbers also matter. 

We Bloggers (and tea Partiers) have not broken into establishment yet.  Once I get hired by Chairman Nehring, I will be the first Blogger and Tea Partier to represent.  It takes New Media to understand New media. It is the difference between being a Bar Sinister where no Goths go anymore to being Ruin, where the crowds grow bigger. 

To make the RNC understand Bloggers and Tea Partiers, we have to crack County and State levels first. By the time of Election 2012 and 2014, we will become the establishment. 

My question:  If you are a Blogger or Tea Partier, what are you doing to break into your Establishment GOP? 

UPDATE 7/6/10 3:50PM: Hello Instapundit readers! Welcome to the Valley!  Stick around this week, we are doing Moneybombs to help a local Los Angeles candidate.  If you like what you see, subscribe or subscribe!

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  1. You are aware that the Senate Republicans have a respected blogger liaison? I contact him when I have issues. I can connect you if you need an intro. My e-mail addy is on the sidebar at:

    Power and Control

  2. Which is why the Precinct Committeeman Project which a guy named Cold Warrior has been pushing at Redstate for about a year is so important. The next two election cycles are as much about taking back the Party from the liberals infesting it as it is about taking out the Socialist Democrats!

  3. I started attending my town (Munster, IN) party meetings and am currently their webmaster. Because of my writing, I also was asked to head up the Lake County chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus. It's very early days but I can see how much room for improvement there is in my town and the county.

    If you don't come in with a chip on your shoulder you'll find that a lot of people are happy to have you and your help and will in turn help you when you need them.


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